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Boys humiliated by girls

A life lost, a slave born

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-05-10 04:49:21

Christina has taken away my life. I'm now her insuperior. I was at her feet when her friend came in door and she saw me. She laughed at me. Ashamed, I hid behind Christina and hugged her legs. Christina pushed me in front of the girl. Christina told the girl, "Johnny, this is Monica, Monica, this is Johnny, my little slave." I bowed and kissed her foot and went back to Christina's side. Christina talked Monica while I was giving them pedicures. I got them water and food while Christina kicked me when I made mistakes. After dressing in bras for Monica, I was told to be getting the hair off my legs with a product. It burned my hairs off. Christina gave me a female hormone. I ate them and sat next to Christina, "Johnny, call me from now on Mistress, I like the sound." I looked at Mistress and saw her dissatisfied look on her face. Monica look at me and asked Mistress, "Christina, can I hold Johnny?" Mistress shrugged and allowed it. I sat in Monica's lap and she smiled, "AWWW! You're so cute!" That made me feel good and she stroked my head and cradled me. She said she had to go to the bathroom. I was looking at Monica as she gave me some of her food. Happy, I rested, when I woke up Mistress stood looking down on me with angry eyes and Monica gone. I noticed Mistress had no clothes on, "Johnny! I've been in the the shower for a 1 minute and I still need to be dressed." I got her clothes and got her dressed. When I got her dressed she looked me obviously dissatisfied. I hid, Mistress picked my pathethic body off the floor, "Useless boy! I can't believe you have a girlfriend! Now put on the maid outfit you had." I did and I was told to go to Lucy's. I went to Lucy's and when Lucy answered the door she said that I had become a good sissy. She took my skirts up and she saw my balls and laughed, "Your balls have shrunk since I've seen them!" She was right I was no longer getting boners. I was sent back knowing I would always serve Mistress.