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Boys humiliated by girls

Stupid Loopholes!

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-05-09 16:22:21

Today, I made a bet with Christina that if I won 1 round of poker I don't have to be their maid and I don't have to a girl. Christina countered and said if I lost I'd be the neighborhood slave girl. I accepted and fortunately I won. But Christina tackled me and stripped me naked. I yelled, "I won you're going against the bet!" She cackled, "You didn't say that I had to free you as a boy!" She told me to get on my knees and call her master. I did and she told me to sit in a corner in panties. I did and she handcuffed me and she told me to lick her @$hole. I surrendered and did, she asked me who was my master, I yelled without thinking, "You are, you are my master! Loyal to you!" Christina smiled in superiority, "Good boy! Now get me a cup of water, slave." I bowed and got it for her, she took it and she ripped off my panties and pushed me to the ground pouring the water over me she took off her shirt and flung it in my face. She laid on my chest. She stripped to her underwear and she kissed me and I was shocked and she just kept kissing me. Christina grabbed my balls and hit them. I yelped and she put me in a position where my face was on the floor and my balls were touching her boobs. She started to spank my butt hard until it was red. I tried not to cry and Christina said, "There, little Johnny, you're now the boy with boobs." I snapped back, "They're not that big, they're barely visble you @$$hole!" She kicked me forward a little bit, "You are a boy with boobs got that?! Now kiss my feet to make a pact that you are my slave 24/7." I asked, "What if I refuse?" She replied, "I'll cut off your balls and you become a girl forever!" I nodded and bowed to kiss her feet. She smiled and stroked my head, "Good Johnny, good! Now you are my slave! Nothing will be yours because you are mine!" I bowed before my master and put my arms around her leg because she said I was not was not worthy to stand to her height. I am now a mindless slave who can't talk back.

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-05-09 18:18:35

Christina said I have to take more female hormones in the summer until I have a AA cup. So she double-crossed me she freed me from being a girl and now she's making me a girl again.

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-05-09 19:33:20

That's not a loophole. She freed you as a maid and now she took you back again as a slave girl. You should know by now who is superior between the two of you. It would be wonderful if Christina posted pictures of you as your breasts grow.