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Boys humiliated by girls

My embarrassment as a girl

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-05-07 22:55:16

As you know Lucy, Kate and Christina are my masters and made me a girl. So I went to the mall with them to get a bra for my breasts. They picked out a black lacy one and told me to go the dressing room with Kate. I did and Kate also had a bra to try on. She told me sweetly, "Heather, the way to put on a bra is like this." She took off my shirt and unclasped her bra that she lent me, soon she laughed, "Nice breasts, you really need to get a boyfriend he'd like you." With that she tossed me out the dressing room and I looked like a girl topless at a store, suddenly the most popular guy in school comes walking pass me and sees me and then he started grinning like an idiot thinking he saw a girl's boobs. I went back in and Kate was in a green bra looking at me then said, "So Heather was that fun?" I kicked her, angry Kate kneed me in the balls and yelled, "Bad, now lets get on with puttin on your bra." I was putting on my bra and when I was done Kate clapped, "Perfect fit now can you take it off." I obeyed and put my clothes back on. I bought the bra and went home. I was brought back to my house in girls' clothes (thank goodness my mom was on business). As I went up stairs, a lacy black strap fell out of my shirt sleeve. Well, I was embarrassed, humiliated and a slave. I found a note in my pants it said: Heather, you are now officially a girl, also our maid in your purse is a maid outfit. From Kate. I wondered how they got a maid outfit in my purse. But when I pulled it out I tried it on, it was small only covering the parts that needed to be covered. So I was Heather the maid, I wonder what would happen.