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Boys humiliated by girls

Back into being a slave again (AGAIN!)

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-04-27 21:09:17

Today, I was walking home with Rachel and suddenly Kate, Christina, Lucy, Michael and 2 other girls were in front of us they picked us up and dragged us to Christina's house. They threw us down and started stripping us they put me in girls' clothes and Rachel in a dog's leash and collar. Photos were taken of us and we were kicked and spanked, we pleaded with them but Christina took me down to see her mom to show her friend Georgina, her idiot mom thought it was a girl so she knew me as Georgina. I was taken back and I saw that Rachel was being forced to make out with Michael's balls and kiss the girls' butts. I attacked but was kneed in the balls and thrown in the closet as they tortured Rachel they soon threw her in there and she was slightly bruised and scarred but okay. I was soon taken out and forced to knock on my friends' doors and kiss them and run back to Christina's house. I was kicked and scarred and I was thrown into the closet. Rachel snuggled with me telling me I looked cute in the girls' clothes, I laughed and touched her, they threw Christina in there and she made me strip for her, give her a "lap-dance" and be her pet that she video taped and sent to all her friends I was humiliated with Kate snogging Rachel when Christina left. I was handcuffed to the closet door with Rachel in a ball crying. I heard Christina say that they got Johnny back and Rachel in as a slave too. I laid back my head, I was a slave. Third times the charm but hopefully I was done after this third time!

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-05-07 01:01:58

You've been gone for some tome Jhonny. Does this mean they let you be or that they kept you locked up in the closet all day so you couldn't type?