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Boys humiliated by girls


Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-04-27 05:04:16

Today, I was walking with Rachel, suddenly Christina, Lucy, and Kate grabbed us and then we were in Lucy's closet with Christina and Lucy doing homework in Lucy's bedroom and a naked Rachel, a naked me, and Kate in her closet. Kate started to undress and snuggle with Rachel, rubbing her breasts and thighs. While Kate put a diaper and a pacifier in my mouth saying I was Rachel and her baby she handcuffed Rachel and kissed her passionately on the lips, "Isn't that right sweetie?" Rachel was speechless not being able to think of the fact that she was kissed by a girl and that Kate was taking off her bra and panties then kissing Rachel again and she told me to come to "mama", I did and she picked me up with ease and started to rock me back and forth. I was soon forced to suck on a baby bottle that Kate brought and finally Kate let us go kissing Rachel again saying, "I love you, sweetie" and smacking me, "You moron! I hope you die!" Rachel didn't talk to me recovering that Kate kissed her I told her to get over it and to make it better I kissed her on the lips, she then said thanks. I walked away.