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Boys humiliated by girls


Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-04-23 05:00:05

Christina, Lucy, and Kate are no longer my masters, but Rachel might have had something to do with it. Rachel walked up to me afterschool and put her arm arround my waist and leaned on me, "Hi sweetie! Can you help me on my history project?" I said sure and went to her house. I went to her room and she locked me in her closet with her, "OK, the history question is how many times have I stolen your clothes?" she asked it in that soothing sweet tone, "Two, you stole my clothes twice." She blushed at this, "Well, how 'bout I make up for it sweetie." She started undressing slowly and then I got a good look at her butt naked then she started undressing me to my boxers, "I'm yours for the time being, do whatever, sweetie." I was confused but she put her hand on my cheek caressing it, "Lemme make it easier for you." She pulled me down to the floor and she put her bare breasts against my heaving chest, she kissed me on the lips and kept kissing me until I had grasped her body holding it to mine, hugging her, feeling her, "Now you're learning." I smiled at her comment and saw her hand removing my boxers and we kept snogging for a few minutes and Rachel sweating left my mouth exhausted from her tongue searching in my mouth. She gave me my clothes, "Here sweetie," I put back on my clothes, "No, don't put them back on, sweetie," she demanded, she got up took my clothes and ran out of the closet, "You know what they say, sweetie, third times the charm!". I put my head against my now shut closet door, I looked at Rachel's phone, text message appeared on the screen of it I read it, 'cant wait till da sleepover on saturday- christina' Christina was having a sleepover here, revenge was in the making. I recieved the ideas with open arms.