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Boys humiliated by girls

At the pool (A New Girl)

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-04-22 04:53:55

Ok, I've got Lucy, Christina, and Kate as my masters but this is how I got a fourth. I was at Kate's pool afterschool and Kate's friend Rachel was there. Rachel was my age slightly older though, I was swimming and suddenly she swam towards me and my swim trunks were taken off, I covered up myself and she slowly slid her hand towards my balls and grazed them softly. I was getting aroused and getting a boner, she laughed at this, she told me, "You can kiss me if you want." I did, she then yelled to Kate, "I got 'em, Kate!" She held them in front of me out of my grasp, "Sorry sweetie! But if you want it you need to help me with something." Concerned, I asked what she needed, "Help me with my bikini the top is coming loose." I swam to her back, she said, "No, fix it from the front." I was aroused and as I did that my balls were touching her small stomach she looked away probably blushing. I was done and she said, "See you at school tommorow, sweetie, hope you can walk home naked." She kissed me softly on the lips and ran out of the pool with my trunks in her hand. Kate saw I was naked and started laughing. I was humiliated.

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-04-22 06:27:28

By now after all they've done to you this barely counts for humiliation. Now what did she do to you the next day?