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Boys humiliated by girls

Part 1 of Return of Christina and Kate

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-04-19 22:31:50

Lucy was on vacation and I was overjoyed but then Christina and Kate were at my door and they asked if I could come to Christina's house, I thought since Christina stopped she was really my friend. So I went into her room, suddenly I was thrown in Christina and I was being undressed, I asked, "What are you doing?!" They laughed and replied, "While Lucy is gone she asked us to torture you!" Oh great, what I needed, I was butt naked and Christina jumped on me holding me down with her legs wrapped around my body and she screamed, "Kate, now!" Kate tickled me until I was crying, then she put panties on me. Christina was now getting off me and I was handcuffed to her bed, they put a black skirt, over the black girls' skinny jeans I was wearing just now, also they put a bra on me which was now being stuffed, and over that they put a black tight top. Now looking like a goth girl, they pushed me out the closet and they pulled me outside with makeup and my new hair-do, I looked like a girl! So Christina brought me to her friend Michael's house. Since Michael didn't know me (thank goodness) he thought I was a girl. After I was in his room, Michael started flirting with me, disgusted I replied I had to go to the bathroom, leaving Michael confused and the girls laughing.

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-04-20 02:52:20

Oh, just fantastic. I never really thought Christina would be done with you. So how much of a girl did they make you act?