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Boys humiliated by girls

Back into being a slave

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-04-16 21:53:35

Yeah, it's Johnny, I've become a girl's slave but not to Christina but to her friend Lucy. The reason was that Lucy loved torturing me so much with Christina she decided to take me down. So I was walking around the block and Lucy tackled me from nowhere and dragged me to her house. Then, she said that Johnny was here to help with "homework" and she pushed me up the stairs and into her room. She stripped me down to my boxers and pushed to the ground. I tried to wrestle her but she kneed me in the balls (just like Christina)! She asked if I would be her slave, I replied, "Do I have to do the same things that Christina made me do?" She replied, "No, much much worse." She went in her closet and brought out a pair of pink panties, I stood there in my boxers as she put her body in between my legs and her soft hands slowly creeping up my boxers, I was starting to get aroused as her hands delicately touched my balls and soon my boxers were off. She handcuffed my hands to her bed and she put her panties on me. I was getting scared as she went and into my panties and started grabbing my balls and twisting them, I winced and she giggled. Then, she put her warm body against mine and she nipped my ear and whispered, "I'm going to put girls' clothing on you." She went her dresser and got a white bra, skinny jeans, and a lacy top, she kissed me on the lips slowly as she put her clothes on me and asked if I liked the kissing, I replied yes and her hand was touching my balls and soon she twisted them and I cried, she laughed and she took off her clothes down to her bra and panties then she sat on me and she flung her breasts in my face. I was tempted to look as I did she dug her nails in my balls, "No looking do that again and pay." Lucy was worse than Christina! She asked if I would be her slave, I said no, she kneed me in the balls and asked again, I surrendered and replied yes. She smiled put her clothes on and went downstairs, she came back up and said she asked her mom if I could stay here for the night and her mom said yes. My life is back to the girl's slave

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-04-17 03:38:38

Wow this is happening to you again? Can you put Lucy on? I have a few suggestions to give her. For once, you never seemed to got gagged enough. But put HER on.

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-04-17 15:05:56

What do you mean?

Posted by cuck4you on 2010-04-17 22:01:26

My wife and I have been married for about 9 years. It was a very vanilla and "normal" relationship.

In the last 7 years or so, she has gradually turned us into what is now a clearly dominant-submissive relationship in which she has made me do some of the most nasty, degrading, kinky, and humiliating s/hit you could lever think of.

In the last year or so, she has gotten into the full cuckold scene and all its derivations.

She has several lovers.

I am in a chastity device, 24-7. I am only free 3-4 times a year, every 4-3 months. I can only c/um during those times, only if I ask her, only if I get her permission, only if she watches, only if I do it by my own hand, only if I finish within 3 minutes or less, only if I promise to either swallow it or wear it on my face the rest of the day.

I also submit to her lovers.

She has used me as a urinal, spitoon, toilet, snotrag, and taken me to glory holes to be a cumspounge.

She loves my humiliation - literally (she actually gets wet when she sees me humiliated). She particularly loves public humiliation.

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-04-18 01:56:49

Well, I think there are some more things to be done to him. Let's start with gags. When his mouth isn't busy with kissing your $%!@, feet, or anything else that would pleasure you, it should be nicely stuffed with one of your used socks or panties. I don't believe he has much speaking rights anyway, but why give him the physical option, right?