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Boys humiliated by girls

Part 1 1/2 of I got humiliated by a group of younger girls

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-03-25 05:52:26

I'm Christina and you've heard of Johnny telling his side of the story but you never heard mine. When Johnny came over I wanted to torture him until he cried or worse. So I made him with the help of my best friend Kate turn him into our slave. I stripped him naked, he was sort of cute being butt naked, but I wanted him to suffer. We threw him into a closet, after Kate made him do pathetic things, Johnny was too ashamed to type that I sat on him and taunted him by taking off my shirt until my breasts were almost showing, his eyes were wide until I punched his balls and tickled him holding him in a position where his privates were touching my neck as I stuck my sharp nails in his butt and spanked him with all my strength. He started crying tears streaming down his face, it was pathethic. I showed Kate, my masterwork, she laughed at him, I decided to torture him more and Kate made him $%!@e in front of us. I also made him go to Kate's house in a bikini, since her father was out on business and her mother was at a spa treatment, the house was empty. I let him know on the way that I was superior and if he ever disobeyed me, he will pay with his masculinity. So he was in a bikini getting us drinks, bowing to us, letting us play with his body. I pushed it a little to far and grabbed his thing, the hair went through my hand but I got an idea, I squeezed it as much as possible, he winced as I twisted. I laughed sadistically, he begged for mercy and was saying that he was a little girl, all these stupid stuff that just made me want to hurt him more. He went back to my place in tears. It's been 1 year, I'm making him make out with my butt crack with tounge for 1 minute, he knows I'm superior, that girls are better, and I hate him. OK, expect more from Johnny soon, under my orders. From, Johnny's master, Christina ;-)

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-04-20 18:22:53

Christina, You leave Johnny alone, you keep away from him you stay away from him or all us guys males dudes chaps blokes lads boys on here will are going to gang up against you!!!!