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Boys humiliated by girls

Part 2 of I got humiliated by a group of younger girls

Posted by Attarack on 2010-03-22 06:40:20

After I thought things couldn't get worst, they did. Christina and Kate called they're friends on the street to see how cute me naked looks like. In 15 minutes, I was naked in front of 6 girls being told to fetch them water/soda, kiss their feet, dress in bras and thongs, and let them be carried piggyback style on me. Christina told me to be table for lunch, I asked why when there was the dining room table was 35 feet away, she said because she didn't want to make a soda ring from the soda can. In 30 seconds, I was shivering with a soda can and a bag of chips on my back and 5 other girls spanking me if I ever moved, after Christina was done torturing me, I was completely at her mercy, she told me that I have to wear panties, bra, and a tampon everyday and she'd check by going to my house or pantsing me in school. I gulped, Christina has cross-dressed me, made me $%!@e in front of her, and make out with her friend's butt hole. I surrendered knowing that she and Kate will not make me have kids if I disagree with them. She took out a matching black bra and panties out and tossed them at me, called her friends over and saw me put on the bra and panties, we heard her mom come in I threw my clothes back on and Christina acted as if nothing happened. That night I showered and just stuffed the bra and panties back in her drawer. Unfortunately, she was smart and before bed told me to take my shirt and when she saw I was braless, she told me to sleep naked and cuddle with her, this excited me and got a boner, while she was fully clothed, I was stark naked hugging her to keep her warm. Then, the next morning, I was commanded to put on my bra and panties under my PJs. I still do have to wear them, it's a year later, Christina and Kate are still my masters, in fact I'm forced to type my humiliating story. I'm not ashamed anymore becoming nude every weekend at Christina's has allowed me not to have boners that often. Well, I have to go get a spanking.TRUE STORY!

Posted by con-air on 2010-03-23 03:06:52

any other stories?

Posted by Attaratusa6543 on 2010-03-23 06:00:23

I'm Attarack, my user password was changed and my e-mail was changed, so I'm still him. Someone asked me for more stories, so here they are. Ever since I became Christina's slave, she's been checking if I wore my bra and panties every day. So during the summer, my parents and Christina's parents went to a parenting conference for a weekend and I was left at Christina's, AGAIN! So I knew that I had to strip and do things for her, so I did. She called Kate over and some others and threw a massive party, they did things I was used to doing by now, dressing a girl, dressing like a baby, getting spanked, etc. But one was new, I had to streak all the way to my house, a 8 doors down the street, get a tray of ice and a pair of tightie-whities. It was 12:00 in the afternoon and she wanted me to streak, in months I didn't disagree but this time I did, she got angry, she told her friends to spank me on the butt 20 times hard. There were six of them, so I got 120 spanks! Knowing not to get another I streaked holding my balls down and covering up as best as I could I entered my house with my house key got the things and ran back. Laughing hard, Christina took the items, I haven't worn briefs since I was 8 so it was pretty tight, it was superman undies, so I was blushing red. Kate wanted to do the rest, she stuck the ice in my undies and said, "Aw, you'll look like a little kid who wet his pants in those Superman undies!" Girls started giggling, and for the rest of the weekend they treated me like I was 2, spanked, sent to a room, given time outs, given baths, and dressed up like a toddler girl with a pink fairy dress and tiara. I was more humiliated than ever. TRUE STORY!

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-03-24 05:03:09

yeah, these are really embarrassing. OK, this was during the summer and my mom said, "Since you like spending time at Christina's so much, how 'bout a sleepover?" Why would I want that? I knew she would get suspicious if I refused, so I went, I heard Christina brought Kate over and I knew I was going to be in trouble. When I got there, I was literally dragged in and upstairs by Kate, who was devoloping fast over the summer. I was put in a chair, stripped until the bra and panties I was forced to wear were showing. Christina had a razor in her hand and a nail polish in the other. She started to shave my legs and Kate gave me a pedicure, in minutes my legs were smooth. I asked what were they doing, they replied, we're making you a girl. I was being put on a black miniskirt and a tight black t-shirt with pink stripes on it, then they stuffed my bra. Eventually, they put makeup on me. Since my hair was long (down to the bottom of my neck) I looked like a girl when I was done. I got seen by Christina's friends and was actually paraded to some guys, who thought I was a girl! They started hitting on me (so I must have been a pretty girl). After they had their fun, they dressed me in dresses and they made me do a lot of girly stuff and I felt so embarrassed but I was suprised when Christina told everybody to leave the room. She told me to strip naked again, I did. She put I blindfold on me, and I felt a kiss, I smiled but then felt a surging pain down in the balls. She laughed, "You think I actually liked you? Now I expect you to sleep in girl's clothes, and be my heat source. Kate was laughing at what happened, but I found a way to turn the tables, I told them, "Did you know that sleeping nude is good for your health?" They asked for proof, and I showed them, so they stripped. So during the night, I took their clothes and locked myself in the closet. So they were naked until they got the door open. They kicked and spanked me for 30 minutes. TRUE STORY

Posted by Kook kidz on 2012-06-27 06:28:19

That's not real it's all fake