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Boys humiliated by girls

Having Fun Humiliating a Cute Guy

Posted by mk99999 on 2010-02-18 23:39:42

So over the weekend, both my parents were away, and coincidentally the parents of a cute guy in my grade left. I'm a 14 year old girl, and got a couple of my friends to stay over at my house for the night. We then invited the cute guy over.

I answered the door and led him up to my room. Then, I opened the door, and pushed him in. Four of my friends grabbed him, got him down to the ground and held him there (he struggled, so we had to each grab a limb and spread eagle him), and stripped him to his boxers, while we tied him up.

First we tied him while sitting, to the bottom of my bedpost pole, with both his arms up. We poked him a bit and tickled him. One of the girls got closer and closer to touching his $%!@ playfully, and it seemed the thought was enough to get him aroused, as he got a boner right then and there. (With my clothes still on) I got to sit in his lap (my crotch was behind his boner and my legs were in front cross legged, kind of in a circle), which was very awkward for him, and he blushed red. While all of us talked and sat in a circle, I sat with him for a bit.

Then, again, as the host, I was the one chosen to accompany him in the next step. The girls duct taped him up while I got a thong and bra from my drawer, and sent me to the bathroom with him to change him. He was blush red throughout this whole thing, as I sat on top of him to keep him down, then stripped him, stopping his flailing legs. I said, "Hold still now.", and pulled the thong over him. He tried to move with his feet free, but I had to wrestle him back down to the floor. I re-taped his feet together, then focused on his top, where I got the bra on.

He was our bitch for the rest of the night, and we made him do anything we asked, whether humiliating or embarrassing. As a joke, one of my friends sat on a chair and bent him over her lap and spanked him. One girl actually bared her butt on his face and farted, which got us all giggling hard, although he was kinda taking it all by now.

When we went to sleep, we tied him up loosely, enough for him to move around (although his hands and feet were bound together loosely) , but not escape, and he slept on the floor in the middle of us all. We all got together, and cuddled with him. Again, he got excited by a bunch of teenage girls in bikinis pressing against him, and got hard (his pecker poked through the thong front, which was funny). By now, he hadn't even cared, as he was so embarrassed, this was just a minor thing, and he had accepted that we were in control here.

We got out of our sleeping bags in the morning and I as the host, was responsible for some more things, like taking the "prisoner" to the bathroom. We were considering either just giving him a bottle to use right there or taking him to the bathroom and having me "watch over him"

I took him to the bathroom and locked the door. I sat him upright and gave him a short kiss, which he wasn't expecting. Then I pulled him up and had to help him out, since we couldn't untie him. Since I didn't want to embarrass him to much by seeing him frontal, but I did make him sit and use the toilet. I put a blindfold on him as I took my panties off and sat him naked on my lap on the toilet seat, teasing him. In the bathroom, he actually told me that this was very exciting, but not to tell the other girls, who would actually punish him.

Now I'm typing this, and looking for any more ideas. I have until tomorrow with him, until we have to release him. A few of my friends left, but there's still two of them here. I'm in my panties and made him get on his knees, while with my other hand I'm holding his face in my crotch, and my friends are holding his arms on either side.

We've had a lot of fun with this guy, and we plan to keep this between all of us and him. I say you can think of ideas for him, as long as they don't involve public humiliation, or photography of his humiliation

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-02-19 00:34:00

You leave boys alone, don't you and or other girls come anywhere near me!!!!

Posted by padawangussin on 2010-03-12 23:23:25

here are some ideas...

make him kiss your butts

pour ice on him

grab his arms aand legs and carry him around the house...tease him by swinging him back and forth

Posted by Chad loves the girls on 2012-11-02 00:58:04

OMG! i would love it if some hot girls did this to me! give him a $%!@ make him finger you smear his crotch with chocolate and rub you $%!@ on it

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2012-11-04 21:50:05

you yoo f ucking bloody bluddee bluddea bludee bludea leave leev leav us alone aylone ailone!!!! mk99999!!!!!!!! em em kay kai!!!!!!