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Boys humiliated by girls

Humiliated again 1st post here in a long time...

Posted by Kittyfan on 2010-10-15 06:09:10

Hi Evil Kitty. Long time fan, first time poster. I've been stalking you for almost a year now, and for whatever I would like to get to know you. Would you mind emailing me at callun@yahoo.com? I love hearing your stories. ^^

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-10-16 15:18:17

626471, unlike you, yourself, i still have my pride dignity or and self respect!!!! yoo reespeckt reaspeckt!!!!

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-10-16 15:31:12

kittyfan, what proof what evidence do you have of evil kitty being a female or even young for that matter this the, other than just her word which means absolutely nothing whatsoever??!! for all you know you could be interacting with a fat obese overweight old man who is gay homosexual pretending to be female in order to flirt with straight hetrosexual people like yourself you, giving out your email address on here to a fat obese overweight old man!!!! don't be naive gullable foolish person, even if evil kitty is a female, how do you know she is young attractive fit gorgeous beautiful sexy pretty nice looking good looking etc??!! she could be ugly and old for that matter this the, even if she is young she could be ugly and or fat or and obese or and overweight, why else would she be flirting with people on here??!! if she was like how she described wouldn't she literally physically be flirting with people in person??!! joke is on you kittyfan!!!!

Posted by Kittyfan on 2010-10-16 17:11:07

Good thing I'm bisexual, eh?

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-10-16 19:26:38

yes lucky for you kittyfan, you are bisexual kittyfan, even so you can't be seriously desperate because regardless of irrespective of whether or not evil kitty is a male or a female and or, because for all you know evil kitty could be a fat obese overweight ugly old man or and could be a fat obese overweight ugly old woman lady, well you don't have any proof he/she isn't do you??!! him her and or his!!!!

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