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Boys humiliated by girls

For Toa Ignnika

Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2010-01-25 21:06:20

I just checked your messages, and I know you did not switch.

Your first message was posted in september of last year. I have been talking with the true toa for most likely over a year. it was late Dec of '08, or early Jan of '09. or maybe even earlier. However, none of your posts match anything that has been said by that profile. therefore, Toa Ignnika, you are the fake.

Airgod's Host

Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2010-01-26 21:00:28

By the way, instead of using two files, one for me an one for my host, we both use the same one, mainly because we are in the same body.

Yes, I know it sounds weird.


Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2010-01-29 21:06:12

i suggest you give up the act. You may fool everyone else, but you have yet to fool me. It is almost impossible to do that. My host has kept a ton of things secret from most of his friends. They think he has only the smallest shred of normality in him, whereas he doesn't. The reason for this is he doesn't want them to think he is crazier than they already do. one of his friends actually understands what he is going through. I figured out my suspicion about him was correct though, he does, in fact, hold shockwave in his body. As for Mark, however, our clones confirmed that he had the actual spirit of the real Toa Ignika, whereas you do not. We came here during what you americans call the revolutionary war. Me, Golden Eagle (my brother), Shockwave, Saiyuki (My brother's so-called Girlfriend), and The spirit of Toa Ignika, came to Earth near that time.We have a base in what is known as the Pacific Ocean. OUr island is NOT marked on ANY map This planet has to offer. Something else that doesn't surprise me is that your Human satellites can't find it either. That is something that works good for us. If you Humans actually found out where we are based exactly, An all out war will break out, and this planet will cease to exist.

Tell me, Toa Ignnika Have you hear of a plasma missle?

Odds are: 0:none

I will tell you more later


Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2010-02-01 20:11:47

yes vlyzar i read that post last week. I will say a few things to Toa Ignnika, as I am about to.

I will admit that part of me is what is considered a human being however, I am anything but normal. However, That doesn't mean that I am a pushover. Me and my guys have the ability to destroy this planet to the point it never existed, however, that would be counter productive. I wouldn't be accomplishing anything. I will try to get you to leave with no violence. I fI can't... I may leave this site as well. People who make choices like you are not considered good people, however, if you dig deep down, You can, and will, find some kindness in your heart. When you find it, let me know, and then I will help you, without foul language or violence.

Airgod and His host.

Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2010-02-02 20:54:15

I myself do not, it is the Airgod spirit inside me who seemingly knows Toa's Inner Spirit. though I have yet to confirm it myself, I trust his judgement. If he can convince him to come back, I believe he may. if not, oh well. It's his decision, not ours. He said he will not be back, however, he may come back under a different name. I also checked everywhere I talked to him on this site. He actually did wipe the username. Some things are better left alone. This is one of those things. So we will both say this:

Live and Let Live

Airgod and his host