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Boys humiliated by girls

Me and older bro

Posted by mastergirl on 2009-09-21 15:42:24

On saturday my parents went away for 1 month! Me and my brother played poker and the loser would have to be the others slave, i won! he is 16 im 14. Ideas please.

Posted by mastergirl on 2009-09-22 17:17:35

He older and stronger than me so im not being a coward plus i didn't fight him

Posted by mastergirl on 2009-09-27 18:05:09

On Frida the fun started, i grabbed him by his hair and led him to the bathroom, i made him take off all his clothes besides his boxers, i started shaving his body hair, while doing his legs i saw he got a boner, i said someones happy to see me, he went so red. Then i removed his boxers and put them over his face. i shaved his bollocks. I then tied him to a chair, i put makeup on him and made him pretty. i then gave him a girly hair cut by straightning his hair. I then gave him a silky nightdress, i said he would wear it, if tomorrow he was out of is makeup/nightie he would pay, anyway half way through the night i walked in while he was sleeping, the nightie was off. So i painted his nails. then started to spank him. Then on saturday i made him wear my school uniform, blouse miniskirt with tights and pumps. And of coaurse my underwear. I said he would learn how great girls are, i spent the day spanking him and putting over makeup on him. One time i took off his tights and tied him up with that. then today i dressed him as a french maid, he did laods of choars and right now he is tied up on the florr. How funny is that

Posted by mastergirl on 2009-10-01 14:58:16

On Monday when we got home from school, i grabbed my brother by the ear and dragged him into the lounge, i thought about hot dog and said lick my feet, he looked up at me in confuion, i yelled at him to do it so he did. I then ordored him to make me tea, he walked to the kitchen and i stoped him, i took him upstairs and made him wear stockings heels panties and bra, then while makeing tea he also wore an apron. On Tuesday when we got home I removed my tights and tied his hands behind his back. I told him to kiss my smotth legs. When he was done i told said he could have some time to himslef. He went into his room. After 1 hour i ran into his room and made him strip naked, i then handcuffed him to his bed! I told him thats how he was going to sleeptonight. On Wednesday I said he was only alowed to wear thong bra and high heels. Plus makeup and hair that i did for him. In the vening he got a bit cold, so i decided to warm him up, by spanking him with a ping pong bat. Today when we got home i made him strip naked and tied him up in a ball with rope.

Posted by mastergirl on 2009-10-04 17:45:29

On friday i had some of my girls round, i decided to show them my dominace, i attacked my brother from behind but he managed to flip and pin me, luckly my girls helped me, he was no match for 7 girls. My girlfriends stripped him down to his boxers and tied his hands up with his tshirt. When they saw how smooth he was they asked him why, i said I did it. They laughed so much, we then tied him to a chair and did his makeup, hair and nails. We've spent the last 2 days makeing him dress up as a girl. then today my fiends had gone. I told him to make me breakfats he was mad from the last two days and attacked me but i grapped his balls. I told him i was in charge, i let go and he dropped to the flor, today i dressed him as a french maid again.