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Boys humiliated by girls

Its time for Billy5 to tell us...

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-09-13 04:18:55

whats been goin' on w/ him over the summer...so Billy5 tell us sum stories,please....kitty.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-09-18 22:23:19

hey lil kittenz, sorry it's not b/c i've been hiding anything or not wanting to contribute, b/c i do want to. it's just that i've had mono all summer - total nightmare. i def have nothing to share for a while :(

but... i will respond to an older question you asked on which punishments i liked from your suggestions. that post got taken on a 7 pg. tangent by Ms. Toa which distracted me...

  • a) Long, cold shower

i hate cold water normally, but this is only shocking for a lil while then you get used to it. the coldness part def doesnt turn me on, but if the girl laughed b/c of my reaction, her laughter would give me a hard on.

  • b) long confinement in a box or chest.

i love this. how bout like this? http://www.sardax.com/extpages/hotseat.htm

  • c) name tag (sticky) with embarrassing slogan,oath,rule, worn in public.

well, anything involving sexuality amongst the public is a total turn-off for me, unless public means a bunch of hot girls that i dont know :) but the idea is really funny and would be hot if done in front of other girls.

  • d) post confession online ,MySpace,LiveJournal,complete with pics.

that's totally mortifying if it reveals your identity. you're Evil!! lol

  • e) spanking-this is a no-brainer...

spank me, paddle me, whip me, slap me till i wanna cry and then make fun of me for thinking i'm a tough guy, being a wimp, and getting beat up by a girl. push my limits!! video tape it & threaten to put it online or show your friends as a warning what happens to bitches who try to act macho or talk back.

  • f) girls nite-out with you paying the bill. g)sucking off another guy while she watches? h) at nite, you strip nude, and sleep under the bed while she mas t urbates or fu cks another guy all nite-you staying under the bed.

forced to give a BJ is very humiliating. what i really like is forced to suck off (& swallow) a sexy shemale :) forced to sleep under the bed all night, tied up, gagged, while she mastur.bates is a good one.

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-09-20 19:55:38

So, I finally got to spend time alone with my dad,after the rejected moves I made on him a couple months ago. My dad is a long haul truck driver who is ofen gone and he was on a shift cycle and my mom happened to be at a convention out of town. So as it turned out ,we were alone for a day and a evening. We got up and had breakfast I offered to make him something but he just wanted coffee , so I asked him to stay and drink his coffee with me while I made myself something. I asked him if he wanted to do anything with me, but he said he just wanted to stay home and maybe catch a movie. Now there has been tension between us cuz I already tried to fu.ck him,and hes been avoiding me alot. I don't think he told my mom,but I know hes tried to stay ot when I'm up and around and this time we were alone together for the first time in about 2 months. So nothing was said and we both made BS talk and carried on like normal but I could see he was a bit nervous. My brother was at a friends house and we were just me and him.

Now I should mention that I'm stronger then my dad. Not by much but I def and more toned and faster than him. Ive wrestled him to the floor several times and a couple of our play fights have gotten serious before. (Our stats quickly here- Me 15 y o,5' 7', 145 lbs, athletic. Dad- 5'9' (maybe) 160 lbs (if hes lucky) 40 y o,not defined or toned ) ok, so we went in the TV room to pick out a movie and he sat in the easy chair witch made me mad! He didn't want to sit with me! I let him pick the movie cuz his choice was an action movie, but I told him to come over to the sofa and sit beside me. He started to say somthing about how the EZ chair was better for his back, but i got annoyed and gave him the cut eye and told him to 'get over here and sit beside me Dad!' So he looked surprised & came over and sat down on the other end. That pizzed me off too! So I scooted over and put my head on his lap but first I put my hand on his crotch and he was soft. So I settled my head on his lap and stretched my legs out... He grabbed a pillow and put it under my head! I was annoyed with him agian, and I threw the pillow across the room and told him not to move to just sit there. He looked annoyed himself but said 'ok' I decided then and there if he did one more thing to pizz me off I was going to teach him another lesson. He did...

We layed there and watch the movie with me feeling his d!ck thru his pants once in a while I would put my hand there and I started to feel a little stiffness. lol. abot halfway thru the movie I had been laying still and closed my eyes for a bit and all of a sudden he began to try to slide away from me! I guess he thought I was asleep! I wasn't! big mistake! I opened my eyes turned my head and said softly 'Did you want to get up and go,daddy?' He said 'Yes,Honey' so I started getting very mad! I said softly 'ok,Daddy' And sat up and he started to stand and I stood up and he turned away from me and I got him in a Choking Sleeper-Hold! LOL! I put the pressure on really quick and at the same time hooked my right leg around his right and out from under him and we both went to our knees. He couldn't talk and was gasping and trying to pull my arm away from his neck, but I'm better at this and harder so he couldn't! I squeezed even tighter for about one minute and I felt the starting of weakness in his body thru mine! I was getting majorly turned on now and started grinding on his butt and thighs. Now I was super hott but I relaxed my arm so he could breath and talk a little better. He started whining and asking me 'Why are you hurting me for? please take it off and let me breath'. I had relaxed my arm and he could talk so I knew he could breath... so I didn't answer I took the other arm that had been on the top of my chocking arm and gave him a reach around! I reached around ,undid his zipper and flipped open the button of his pants and started playing with his d!ck! He was about half hard. He started begging me to let him go and to stop. I kept stroking it for a few more minutes and tightened my choking arm agian cutting off his air. Then I took him the rest of the way down to the floor and made him arch his back with my knee so I could get my legs around his waist. Then I squeezed him really hard with a Body-Scissor and a Full-Nelson at the same time! I kept this up for about a minute and by this time he was sputtering and loudly gasping. (I think he was trying to scream) He was struggling but all that did was inch us both around on the floor a little, both of us getting a bit rug-burned. Then I eased up with both holds and rolled us over so I was on my back with him between my legs and my one arm around his throat, I sat us up against the sofa and let him breath for a few minutes... Then I told him about how he was making me mad and hurting me with how he seemed to avoid me and resisting all my suggestions that we spend some time together. I also flat out told him I was hurt that he wouldn't have sex with me. Well he started crying. He basically said that he coudn't do it and that he had even stopped having sex with my mom. He also said that me trying to fu.ck him 'Messed with my head' and 'Please don't force me' I told him it was just sex and that he was rejecting and hurting his 'baby girl'. Then he just kept sobbing, I reached around agian and felt under his undies and he was semi-hard,but not really hard enough that I could slid myself onto it and ride him, I think he would still struggle so I told his to relax his body and just held him there for a few minutes relaxing my arms and legs. Then I said I wanted to hang out with him still and he started crying again! I told him to stop. And he tried to get calm. When he did i told him I was about to let him go, and that calmed him down. But it wasn't over yet. I shifted him off my legs and got on my knees and up and stood over him, and he just looked up at me red-faced and tears, he was also trembling a little. I said 'Wait a second, I want you to kiss my feet to make up for you avoiding me all this time and pizzing me off' He sarted to prosted but I gave him the cut eye and he quickly knelt down bent his head down, and gently started to place small kisses all over my feet. It felt soooo good and sent tingles down my spine and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I even moaned a little! lol. He stopped after about 20 times and I told him to 'keep going I will tell you when to stop' so He continued to place small,gentle, kisses all over my bare feet. When I felt he did it good enough I raised my right foot and slapped him in the face with the bottom of my foot. He stopped and just sat there looking up at me on his knees. I felt soooo powerful! (and wet!lol) Then I said 'So then, you are gonna take me shopping'? he started to say somthing other then yes, so I made like to reach down and grab his neck but he said 'ok,ok,I'l do whatever you want'. So I told him a shopping trip to the mall and dinner date @ Appelbys would make up for his coldness and rudeness to his 'baby girl' and he agreed. We went Shopping and out for dinner and I made him relax and loosen up a little, we even had a couple of fancy drinks at the restaurant & I got some damn fine clothes! Still I didn't get EVERYTHING I wanted, but I guess I'll just have to be happy with what I can get! kitty

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-08-18 14:37:40

in your dreams evil kitty in your dreams!!!! dreemz dreamz eevull eavull eavul eevul kittee kittea kitee kitea!!!!