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Boys humiliated by girls

Vern, the guy from the bookstore.....

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-08-27 01:20:04

has been totally different to deal with than my boyfriend/b!tch at home...Ive been kinda pushing him to see what he's all about but its hard to tell. Cuz,like for one thing he's nothing like the guys I'm used to dealing with. Like i said Ive been pushing him but I'm not sure how far to take it. He's hard to read & I think theres only so far I can push him before things get out of hand(maybe).

Billy5 ,can you give me some domination ideas,that I could do to him to test him,cuz he does not seem the least bit afraid of me! And since he doesn't act all pathetic and desperate its hard to say....like,this guy is smooth. And i realize I'm not invincible,and I don't want me or him getting really hurt. So the question is what could me(a15 year old high school girl) do to him (a 40 year old ,confident businessman) to establish that I want to be in charge? Any ideas? He don't care about being handcuffed,having instant sex in his store,and when I slap or kick him,he doesn't react.... I also made him kiss my feet after we fu.cked or I threated to leave the cuffs on...he just did it(laughingly) -no fun for me...I want to see FEAR. I want to hear it in his voice and see an imploring look in his eyes(I LOVE THIS!)when I look into them...I want to make him feel helpless and unsure of himself...What should I do? This guy is cool as ice......kitty.

Billy5 you should know this-I don't do real Blackmail.Thats not an option. I will never really do that,and threatening this guy with it wouldn't work-he doesn't flinch at everything I say. Just so you get an idea what type of guy he is.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-08-27 01:56:28

haha, this guy sounds cool. it looks like you finally have a challenge, huh? so you want to push him to the edge & really be your bitch. and yeah i know you dont blackmail, thankfully, b/c i'm not into messing w/ people's lives. only on sexual territory.

hmm, well what if you tie him up - hands and feet, pretend youre gonna suck or f-ck him and break out a paddle or whip? and if that doesnt make him plead then break out the strap-on?

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-08-27 02:04:11

He is cool.thats the problem... Hard spanking or playing with his a.s.s? Hmmmm...what if he tries to take charge even when tied up/cuffed? Crying rape,ect....? Never used a strap-on be4 so thats out for now... a condom covered object or vegtable might be ok...Got any ideas if he makes threats? I'm just not as sure about him...can you tell me as a guy what to say to 'take the wind out of his sails' so to speak? I take it this is where humiliation comes in...can you paint a one down scenario for me? As a guy of similar caliber?? (and I think you are ,BTW)kitty.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-08-27 02:52:28

haha, crying rape? nah, he's a tough guy! make it clear that he is to be your bitch b/c you are THE BOSS and he is the porn peddler! he laughed at slapping/kicking/spanking/cuffs/etc so you gotta take it to the next level. as far as threats i take it that youre sharp enough to read how serious he is. b/c if he's really serious then you gotta stop cuz he's not into it. if you cross the line then he wont want you anymore. but... if you prove you are the boss then you might be able to make him do what you want anyway.

'take the wind out of his sails' - ha, youre funny... it's diff for every guy, seriously. that's why everyone has diff interests/fantasies. lol, a carrot....yeahhh.

oh and thnx for the comp :^)

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-08-27 03:14:32

Your Welcome....=D Its just that this guy is not easey to read...and he acts in way that doesn't show almost any weakness Paul(my b!tch) showed weakness right away...he also was sneaky and fawning so I knew almost as soon as I met him -he waz mine. Yeah, Iam going to have to assault this guy in a way he might not want me too to establish that I am the boss. And there might be repercussions for us both and it could end our 'relationship' Yeah,I think pain, (hard spanking) and playing with his $%!@ might do it...I just will be a little bit nervous when it comes to releasing him,cuz if he 'cries rape' after I 'do the deed' I might have to ballbust him in order to take his bonds off safely. Cleaning up first before of course...LOL. Imagine if I left him bound on the floor with his pants down ,a condon covered carrot up his azz , and his azz all red! LOL. I also thought I could threaten to pizz on him to...I bet he would not be ready for that! Wow. This could be really exciting!