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Boys humiliated by girls

To Evil Kitty

Posted by con-air on 2009-08-13 23:58:56

will you humiliate me?......give me an outfit and tell me what to go do in it the more humiliating the better......and the fact that your younger then me makes it all the better?....so what do you say kitty...will you be my Ms?

Posted by con-air on 2009-08-14 00:24:35

ill also be more then happy to share my experiance

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-08-14 00:32:50

LOL!!! his mssgs were flagged.. hmm, guess who that could have been? BoyPower is ALWAYS lurking, and unless new users adamantly oppose Kitty, they are in his mind not welcome here....hahaha.

dont worry, con-air, everyone else welcomes you here. just ignore the user by the name of detestinggirls (aka BoyPower)

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-08-14 14:36:58

OK, well con-air, I don't really get off on makin guys into girls...it simply dosen't do mothing for me..What I am into is using panty humiliation on guys who deserve it...To do this as Ive explained before, you take a pair of panties that will fit him,making sure its in a girly coulor and pattern,and force him(he might resist the first time)to put them on under loose fitting shorts or pants (no belt),even swimwear...this way, since you are in charge of him physically ,it makes you in charge of his dignity and self-image. If the wimp acts like a little b!tch,too macho,or gives you attitude or disrespect,you can quickly humiliate him, into obedience and silence by exposing him in the panties. Ive made my bf wear them to work,then dropped in on him to make sure he had them on! he did too! So if you want to control a man this is a good way to do it. Especially once you have established that you (stronger sex) is in charge. but,Thats about the extent of my cross-dressing of males,and only then as a control-knowing I can expose him at anytime in public or private and humiliate him including pantsing,wedgies,spanking...it keeps him your property.

As for humiliating you Con-air, tell your gf about the 'panty humiliation technique' I described. Or if you don't have a gf, tell your Mother,Sister,Roomate,Daughter, friend,ect..and see what she thinks.

Another idea to humiliate you : Wear a sticky name tag front and back that says : 'I'm not getting any-So my bed is'!



Posted by Bathulk on 2009-08-14 14:54:14

this is just how my wife started to train me when we were dating

I was so scared that people would find out at school than work she knew it and used it to turn me into her slave boy