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Boys humiliated by girls

cant you picture this?

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-08-14 21:38:33

yes, that's why i'm setting up the paypal account specifically for BETS for wimpy boyz vs. Queen Kitty.

you're defenseless in the presence of a hot dominant girl. all she would have to do is snap her fingers, point, and apply the NOW!, OR ELSE!! facial expression in the direction of your psyche and it would be all over! right, Kitty? :^)

Posted by malachi_616 on 2009-08-15 01:58:20

toa hate to break this to you kitty would win hands down. Its not just that she could physically destroy you as a dom girl she could do it emotionally and intellectually as well, don't set yourself up for a fight you can't win

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-08-15 02:39:17

toa - see this is proof you believed i actually meant that. it was a fricken joke. whenever BP comes back you get lured back to the darkside.

malachi - exactly, he would feel like a little girl emotionally/psychologically/intellectually after she's thru with him

Posted by malachi_616 on 2009-08-16 00:43:40

its true toa, you say that you regret the things you said during your 'alliance' then boypower returns and you revert, grow a spine

Posted by malachi_616 on 2009-08-16 23:12:17

I've said my piece, think upon it toa