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Boys humiliated by girls

Hey Billy5....

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-06-01 04:39:31

I think your pretty funny too...like when I called you a sexist and you go like, 'I'm not sexist-I voted for Hillary!' - thats classic! LOL. I called one of my male teachers sexist and he said 'No I'm not' and thinking of you ,Billy5 I said 'why cuz you voted for Hillary'? LMFAO!!!!kitty.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-06-01 11:00:30

huh? first of all you never asked me that, i never said that, and i also never voted for hilary. i think you got me jumbled in yo head w/ someone else :)

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-06-01 20:13:52

i dont know. kitty? i never even read that post so i have no idea, but you can search thru my messages and you'll see i never even mentioned her name in any of my posts. i do not like hilary and i'm def not a sexist. i believe in total equality for everyone regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference.

also, i didnt flag kitty's post. i think boypower must be just flagging all of her posts.

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-08-23 17:59:27

you are a sexist biased chauvanistic person billy5 if you think consider all girls to be wimps weak skinny bony puny scrawny weedy for boys to be even more so if they can't take on girls like evil kitty!!!! bonee bonea weedee weadee weedea weadea skinee skinea week scraornee scrornea!!!! yoo r persern persurn persirn pursrun pursern pursirn pirsirn pirsern pirsurn fink konsidur konsidir knosider considur considir orl bee bea too two 2!!!! billee billea bilee bilea fyve!!!! finking!!!!

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-08-23 18:22:40

billy5, doesn't it occur to you there are females who are strong tough powerful muscular violent vicious aggressive dangerous physically more so then a male of average physical strength!!!! tuff powirful powirfull powurful powurfull powerfull muskyooler muskyoolir muskyoolur musskyooler musskyoolir musskyoolur vishers vishirs vishurs!!!! strenf fizikull fizzikull vylernt vylirnt vylurnt aigressiv aygressiv aiggressiv auggressiv aiggresiv ayggresiv!!!! mail mayl dainjerirs daynjerurs daynjerers daynjurirs dainjerurs dainjerers dainjurers dainjururs dainjurirs dainjirirs dainjirers dainjirers daynjururs daynjurirs daynjurers daynjirirs daynjirers daynjirurs!!!! billee billea bilee bilea fyve 5!!!!

which means meenz meanz billy5 , evil kitty is just hard even for you it's not us males dudes chaps guys blokes lads boys who are weak soft wimps weaklings skinny bony weedy puny scrawny etc iz r witch wich!!!!! eevull eavull eevul eavul kittee kittea kitee kitea!!!! eevern eevurn eevirn eavern eavirn eavurn!!!! yoo!!!! ov!!!! hoo!!!!