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Boys humiliated by girls

Hey guyz letz talk...

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-05-29 08:21:12

Hey. are u really serious, look, I'm just posting sum of my expernces here and some fantasies...thats what its for,right? And look I love my dad & bro, like just the other day I was playfully wreslting my dad, I won and I waz jus sitting on him and we were talking...I'm not always angry or mean to everyone, so chillax,k? kitty.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-31 18:54:13

aww, Kitty that's sweet. i'm really glad you post your stories here, real or fake, and i encourage you to post more. just 1 request if you please save the incestual related fantasy for another forum :) i'm sorry Baby-Boypounder & Toa are so hard on you, but i know Toa is really a good guy deep down and i know he's kidding with you but wont admit it. we know he just wants you to make him your bridesmaid.

plus, you're the only girl left on this forum...jeez. so Toa please respect this b/c Kitty's breed is nearly extinct b/c Boypower scared all the other girls (and guys) off of here and there used to be A LOT of other girls!! Kitty's got a lot of guts sticking around and being the only one of her kind. thnx Kitty

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-05-31 21:23:32

Listen 2 me u dum-azz! I made my fantasys come true~! I did these things! I really did beat up a grown man and make him kiss my feet!!! So F-ck U! I am a natural Dom and I make men OBEY me! So don't think ur so big and strong..I am stronger than even u! Girlz Rule! kitty.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-31 21:27:18

wow, damn that was hot. but you did say: "I'm just posting sum of my expernces here and some fantasies" and that's why i said "real or fake". umm b/c fantasies = fake. but that's ok. i do believe you that some are def real though b/c you are bad a-s-s and tough! :^)

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-05-31 21:34:17

Yep I am quite the tough lil girl...and damn proud of it too!!! kitty!