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Boys humiliated by girls


Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-31 05:14:25

k, i'm back... sorry, been busy. me not friends with boywonder? why would you think that? we never had any disagreements or anything like that did we? Kitty, what do you think about all of this? i think he's a solid, upstanding member of the MisterPoll online community - a friendly, neighborly, welcoming, respectful, level-headed, calm cool & collect gentleman who can handle any adversity hurled in his general direction at any moment. i think without his profoundly insightful input to this board, our lives would be very boring, dull, and meaningless b/c he provides so much humor that i just cant stop laughing every time i read one of his posts! they're the funniest attempt at writing the English language that i've ever seen. this would be fine for someone who doesnt speak/write English as their first language but the little chump is British!

has anyone on this board ever seen a post by Baby-Boypounder that makes any sense or resembles anything ranging from at worst an escape lab monkey pounding on the keyboard and at best a complete psychotic, spastic outburst? it's obvious he is grammar challenged but common you cant deny it's hilarious and gives us all something legitimate to make fun of. it would be one thing if he apologized for the headache we all have to go thru to try and 'interpret' his posts, but instead he just uses everything i say to him and repeats the exact same thing back to me like a parrot (repeat, repeat, repeat at the top of his lungs - all caps) and says that i'm a grammar challenged, grade-school dropout, among many other ridiculous and extremely distasteful insults and the oh so low, stale & cheesy mother jokes, that he had sex with my dead mother (on mother's day too), and my father raped me, etc etc. like anyone's gonna actually believe any $%!@ talking from him anyway? lol... if he had sex with my mother when she was alive and assuming he's a teenager, then he would have been a baby having sex with an old lady!! lmao.... is that really something you wanna brag about anyway? and death threats?! gee, hmm, and then he blames me that i "kicked him off Misterpoll and this and or that or and hey or and the oi"? like any forum, there are rules, and if you break the rules, you get kicked off. he flags everyone else's messages yet he cant figure out the obvious - that if his messages are flagged, and flagged messages are reviewed, and he's posting inappropriate content especially displaying cursing, continuous screaming psychotic outburts (like 10 messages in a row in caps directed specifically at me with retarded sexual insults involving rape and murder), and criminal death threats to top it off, that he just maybe perhaps possibly somewhat likely wont be welcome here anymore? damn, the dimmest bulb in England is in Boywonder's head! (btw, any of his posts that had no responses got deleted, and all of his messages, so you wont see all the ones i'm referring to now).

you also need to be clear on how all of this started between us. i simply quoted some of his 'sentences' and asked him questions like what they meant and if he also talked like that in person to other humans b/c everyone was annoyed with constantly deciphering his posts w/out any attempt on his part to make them slightly more legible or meaningful. instead of actually answering me he responded with screaming and cursing, and he blames me and says i should beg for his forgiveness, and you seem to still blame me as well. he never did answer my questions and hardly ever answers anyone else's questions either.

so after all this time and 15,681 uncontrolled mental outbursts later, you finally figured out that he is truly crazy? you're quite sharp & observant, Toa :) quick and snappy with the mind, eh? haha. so you do agree then, or not b/c you've been very wishy-washy with all of this and live a double-life on this board in more ways than one. you say above that you agree with me and now you say that you're willing to be friends with boylover again, sorry i mean boywonder, no boypower, or is it guysrule, or powerfulguy, or BruceLee, or powerfulboy, or guypower? hmm, this little boy must have watched Fletch too many times ("the only guy who changes his identity more often than his underwear"). you call him a freakin retard and then tell him you trust him. you're too easily swayed by his angry, hatefilled, warmongering influence. i do want to accept your invite, but man you gotta come clean here and be real.

also, about your 'greatest' secret. if it happens to be one of the following, there's no need to state it.

  1. Toa Ignika = TDK (i know i know.. wow, this one took a real Sherlock Holmes to uncover! lol. and Boypounder still cant figure it out)

  2. you are a thin, young, quiet guy who still likes to play with robots

  3. the reason you are attempting so hard to fight Miss Kitty is b/c you secretly want her to win and carry out the bet which is to force you to wear a dress (and maybe lingerie + other feminine accessories) and be her little girly-girl for a year

  4. you have no wit or sense of humor (sorry, couldnt resist)

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-05-31 12:28:07

I ve heard that poeple with autism, like to do theze kinds of things, if he knows you seen his mssg he feels better or somthin...who knows, and he's clearly turned on by this subject, but @ the same times probably hates girlz and himself for it..instead of using the computor in a good way he lashes out and tries to play games w/ people. kitty.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-31 17:18:24

yeah, i think you're right. i was actually gonna say that before, that he reminds me of the Rainman (the movie). definitely definitely definitely...

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-31 18:32:54

hmm, none? common Toa, be honest. you continually preach the theme of justice, and truth is part of justice. well after i wrote this i saw that you admitted that Toa=TDK. you also did admit your age before, and Toa Ignika is a robot who inspires you on your quest to uphold justice and battle the dark side. i have also never read one post of yours that has any sign of response or acknowledgment to humor or wit - they are always very serious.

and most importantly you cant tell me you arent turned on by the thought of Kitty wanting to dress you up when you have an entirely different persona on every other Misterpoll forum as we can all see here looking thru the messages that specifically addresses the truth stated by you: http://www.misterpoll.com/users/toa%20ignika

so please be honest and tell me and Kitty the truth. i still want to be your friend.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-31 19:43:14

Toa, i definitely want to be your friend. i'm not trying to be hard on you, just wanting you to be honest b/c you are acting like 2 totally opposite people on this site and expect no one to notice. on all the other forum topics you talk about and encourage crossdressing yet on this topic you try to act macho and put everyone down who is honestly expressing their very similar fantasies. on the other topics you discuss theories on how to get girls to make you dress up in real life, yet when Kitty does that on this topic, you say you want to put her in the hospital yet she is fulfilling the same fantasies you have on the other forum topics. this is pretty extreme.

and yes it would be nice to let yourself have a bit more fun, ya know? :^) just do what feels good as long as it does no actual harm to others, and dont give a f-ck about what other people think about it.