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Boys humiliated by girls

mates girl

Posted by !ITS ME! on 2009-05-17 15:41:25

When i was at uni i went to see my mate and his new girlfriend, she was stuning, 5 foot 11, long beautifull legs, large breast and a great face. We were talking all 3 of us. She was flirting with me, my mate said he had to nip down to work to sort out a problem. He said he would be about an hour, he asked if e would be alright, we said yeah. When he left i moved next to her and said i thought he would never leave, she looked confused, i started to rub her legs. She pushed me away. to my surprise she siad, do you want to do somthing sexy, i nodded. She took off my top, then my trousers, finally my socks. She removed her top followed by her hotpants, she already had some thigh high leather boots with a 5 inch heels. she said lets wrestle. She sg pinned me. Then she put me in a scissors hold. I yelled ok i surender. she didnt let go, i was going crazy. i started wirling my arms around, then i grabed he panties and pulled them down, she went crazy, she grabbed me hair and dragged me to her room, she handcuffed me to her bed butt facing up. She got a gag and put it on me, then she got a belt out, she pulled my trousers down and started spanking me. When she stopped she undid my handcuffs, she got out a thing and forced it onto me, then her bra, she stuffed the bra, she then gave me a maid costume and i put it on as i was scared. She then gave me a wig and 6 inch stileotes. She made me clean her room. When i was done she took the clothes off me and we went back to the sofa, my mate came back we were acting normal.

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-05-17 22:00:37

This sounds like some guys jerk-off fantasy. Oh well, its ok to dream. kitty.

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-08-23 15:53:06

it is you who is dreaming evil kitty!!!! dreeming eevull eavull eevul eavul hoo iz yoo kittee kittea kitee kitea!!!!