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Boys humiliated by girls

I was 14 when I was humiliated!

Posted by sazzer on 2009-02-16 18:45:15

I was 14 and used to work in a videoshop were a gang of about 6 girls (aged between about 10-15) used to come in every sunday and wind me up asking if I was a virgin who I fancied or what undies I had on, I used to go bright red and they loved this. After a couple of weeks two of them tried to make friends with me and asked me back to their mums house stupidly I went, in the kitchen were all the other girls and the questions started again then when I wouldn't answer them one of the girls said "well we'll find out for ourselves" I was grabbed by the arms and pulled to the floor, I could see a couple of pairs of hands undoing my jeans and pulling them down. I was struggling but I wasn't a big lad at that age and they soon had my jeans and trainers off and my t shirt pulled up, they were all laughing at my undies (I had a tatty pair of cream coloured"Y"fronts on, I was so embarrassed). I remember hearing the words makeover as another girl came in carrying loads of knickers and stuff, I really struggled now but they pulled my undies and t shirt off! I was there on the floor naked in this girls kitchen they were all pointing and laughing at my d#ck (nature wasn't very good to me!). They put a pair of blue nylon knickers and a white bra on me, by now they could see the fight had gone out of me (I was kinda glad not to be naked anymore) they told me to stand up and parade around the kitchen for them, there was nothing I could have done at this point so I walked round the kitchen with my head down (I remember just staring at the little blue bow on the knickers) I was sat down at the table while they let the younger girls put make up on saying how cute I was and what a lovely sissy girl I was making. After what seemed like a couple of hours (I think it was only an hour), the girls whose house it was mum was due home so I was allowed to go and wash off the make up and put my own clothes back on with them watching and taking the p#ss out of me all the time, they kept hold of my undies telling me they owned me now. After that I used to dread them coming into the shop, a couple of times they made me drop my trousers for them or they would get the younger girls to pull my trackies down saying how much better I looked in a pair of knickers, this all went on for over a year on and off, I was dressed up a couple more times by them and even taken out with a dress on once but after that I always made sure I had decent pair of boxers on when I worked in the shop!

Posted by sazzer on 2009-03-29 21:18:24

You've lost me totally here, what you on about?

Posted by Tip Wilkin on 2009-04-22 04:36:36

Yaaaaaaaaaah. seriously, take a writing course or sumfing, because your abhorrence of punctuation, constant, off-topic rants and endless synonyms for everything you write can be very irritating.

Posted by Tip Wilkin on 2009-04-23 00:28:45

No I was taling about boypower's unbarable writing style (or lack thereof)

Posted by jacksonmma on 2009-05-02 03:42:17

hahahahha great story, i would love to meet these girls.