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Boys humiliated by girls

Humilliated by my sister

Posted by Louis17 on 2009-01-31 04:15:11

One day my sister (she was 17) was wiht some friends having a sleepover at my house, it was aobut midnight when they burst inot my room, I (15 years old) demanded to know what was going on while trying ot cover my self with the blankets (I was sleeping weairng only my boxers), they giggle and held me, befor ei knew, they had tied my hands to my back and ankles otgether, they covered my mouth wiht a few strips of tape and dragged me to my sister's room.

Once there they apply makeup on myslef and took soem pics, eventually they fell asleep leaving me struggling on the floor, finally i managed to get free and wnet bakc to my room. The next mroning, my sister warned me that if I tell soemthign about that to my parents, she will distributethe pics through all school.

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-01-31 05:59:23

LOL! Pathetic! I had a good laugh reading your post! LOSER! GIRLZ RULE!

Posted by 1234567654321 on 2009-02-02 22:39:24

Why are you so mean it's not like girls are that much stronger

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2009-02-03 00:56:32

LOL! Yes it is little boy! GIRL$ RULE 4EVA!

Posted by 1234567654321 on 2009-02-03 02:00:28

I'm not that little just my p e n I s