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Boys humiliated by girls

To Baby-BoyPower...A Challenege!!!

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2008-12-17 23:45:48

Hi Baby BoyPower ,fly your pathetic $%!@ down to Denver,Colorado,this instant you little wimp! I will have you an aremweresling match a real wrestling match,real fight,what ever you want,Babe!! If I win (and I will) I will beat you up,facesit you,and bust your nuts!!! Then I'll keep you locked in my basement for 1 year dressed as a little girl!! lol! And I get 2 kick your a.s.s. whenever i feel like it! lol...get yer lame,loser butt down her this instant! Bloody Hell!! C U soon ,Baby boy!

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2008-12-19 00:51:28

Look BabyBoypower, I don't promise you anything...u are the pathetic loser, not me...so if you lose 2 me you will do exactley as I say, wehter its 2 kiss my butt, my feet or anything else I want I'llmake you do it...so put up or shut up and get your swrawny a.s.s. down here 2 Denver!!! or I'll bloddy f.u.c.k. you up!

Posted by easyben on 2008-12-27 22:34:27

lol i am loving evil kitty i wanna come surport eveil kitty lol whoaa go kitty cause baby boypower your a pathetic little teen and kitty may think alot of boys and men are weak and i can disprooth here tht well because of you shes used cunning good speaking and just made u hate here want here dead and she winded you up good so yeah i agree i think you are a weak little boy and i just want kitty to prooth me right so good luck kitty :) but u must under stand alot of boys you beat up are only a small portsion in the world and i think a few people i know could easily beat up girls but its differnt where ever u are gl in fight your surporter and freind baby ben :) or as my gf calls me babybenji

Posted by Evil Kitty on 2008-12-29 03:41:44

thanx baby ben! :) u sound cute, b good 2 ur gf. Kitty (^-^)

Posted by easyben on 2008-12-30 15:50:41

your sad and evil kitty my gf asked me and i think its cute too if u had any ideers on what to dress me in (girl clothes) or tourter me she cant beat me up but i would let her do a couple of stuff to me as she thinks it could spice up a bit of love i dont have any objections yet but she just wanted me to ask ty ur freind baby ben