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Boys humiliated by girls

Ultimate humiliation by my girlfriend

Posted by yellow123 on 2008-08-02 18:44:34

Me and my girlfriend were at home alone sitting i was sitting in my boxers and she was sitting in her pink sparkly bra and french knickers and i wanted 2 watch one program and she wanted 2 watch this girly program. I grabbed the remote off her and turned it ova and she tried to grab it back. Well it started 2 turn into a wrestle and i was getting unexpectedly dominated seen as i am reasonably muscular and she is like a thin extremely attractive girl hu has dun modelling alot. I managed to put up a struggle but within a few moments she had me in a full schoolgirl pin and i cud barely breathe! She herself didnt really expect me to be so weak compared to her as men are meant to be strong and manly while girls are like cute and girly. So while she was sitting on my neck wiv my face in her frenchies she kept taunting me saying i thought men were strong and saying she was thinking how to punish me. Well after a few minutes she remembered that she was going to the cinema to watch this girly film wiv her friends both male and female and that i should come. I thought that was an ok punishment and she sed she was nipping off to get me sum clothes. I sat back up very embarrased and watched the girl program. My girlfriend came bk downstair with clothes for wat i thought wud b for herself coz they wur extremely cute and girly. She told me that they wur for me. I sed im not wearing them and then she came towards me we wrestled and i tried so hard not to lose but she managed to throw me down and sit on my back so i cudnt move. She grabbed the clothes and i cudnt do nefin as the put one by one on a cute yellow bra and thong then an extremely small yellow plaid mini skirt then a small white vest top and she turned me onto my front and put on makeup and pink lip gloss. Finally i had to wear these goldish high heels and she dragged me out of the house. I was so embarrased as people were shouting things on the street to me. I then saw the group of friends and i thought i wud throw up wiv embarrassment and all of them laughed there heads off. It was even more embarrasing the fact that i was 18 and she was 14 but we wur at same skl. Then after the night was finished i thought that i had finished as that was punishment enough but unknown to me she had sum handcuffs tucked down her hotpants and the grabbed me and forced my hands round this thin tree outside my skl. I cudnt hav tried ne harder to stop her but again i lost:( I was left there all night and wen skl started everyone laughed at me and not even joking i actually had to change skl because of the embarrassment! How ever weird this sounds, it is actually true. So for any of u hu say this is made up are wrong its just that males really are weaker than females.

Posted by natee on 2008-08-15 04:36:29

Sorry, yellow123, but your story sounds quite unlikely...alot like a fetish story. Sorry if it did happen, but I doubt it. nate.

Posted by Thesleepovercrew on 2009-08-21 15:03:16


Posted by Billy5 on 2009-08-22 05:53:52

nice fantasy. i share the same fantasies, minus the public part... hopefully that fantasy becomes reality someday! :)-

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-08-18 14:48:45

billy5, what proof evidence do you have it is a fantasy????!!!! wut doo yoo hav iz!!!! billee bilee billea bilea fyve!!!!