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Boys humiliated by girls

Have you ever humiliated a girl ?

Posted by benevolantfem2 on 2008-06-11 15:40:13

Meanboy I myself do not agree with everything meangirl says, but overall she appears to be a well balanced and intelligent individual. And one unlikely to be swayed into interaction by brute force posting.

Moreover whilst to level the accuation of "troll" at you would be obvious and redundant beyond words, surely you have better things to do with you're time ? No?.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-09 22:56:47

boypower, what is with your writing, lad? are you trying to make it that difficult for everyone else to read? "or and or" and or, or and, and or, or and, or and.... etc etc

you dont use the words "and or" enough damnit!!! wee? too two 2? huh? man, please learn to write!

can you explain what this means here? "or and or this and or the!!!!"

haha, man this is really not much more explanatory than just typing " nand nmmkms lioasj9efkm jnasdf8348in (O*^&^%#$^%)(&)(_&(*(!!!!!!!!!! "

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-10 02:16:22

Baby-Boypower, do you really talk like this vocally, like in conversation to other humans?

"HUH OR AND HEY OR AND OI????!!!!" LMFAO!!!! hahahaha

i mean did you go AWOL from the nuthouse? man you should go back to rehab and sign back in - just be sure to checkmark the multiple choice bubble this time for "schizo-spaz". well, i must admit though you are quite the entertaining court jester and i welcome your active presence on this board so we all have something to laugh at.

wait, look here! you're learning! very good, young lad!! you're making progress already. i guess you just needed your head bounced and dribbled a bit, like flipped on your skull and spun around like a top to jingle those brain cells around and straighten out the discombobulation that occured when you were dropped on your cranium as a child. i have witnessed an actual sentence that you seem to have written that doesnt include "and or" and ALSO makes perfect sense!!!! shivering shibberwinkles!! i've been left speechless and or perplexed or and or flabbergasted flabbergeested flabbergoosted goosterflabbered yabbadabbadoobified and or almost mesmerized and or and or dumbfounded stupified dazed dayzed like daysd like daised like days-d like d-aized like deyzed deyz'd or and the or and baffled or and or this or the and befuddled by the outright brilliance of this following sentence authored by the mighty Baby-Boywonder but not without the generous & honorable aid of his pet Wonderdog!!


Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-10 17:42:36

Dear Baby-Boywonder,

well you're only further proving what i stated in my other post. that you're a schizo-spaz and need to check back in to the nuthouse. Deaf? why do you question that i could be deaf? do you really believe i should be able to hear your spastic screams from England? or thru the computer?? hahahaha. are you really that dumb?? do you really not know that this is impossible? WHAT F U C K I N G B L O O D Y PART OF THAT THIS THE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND OR AND COMPREHEND OR AND GRASP????!!!!YOO DOO!!!! i bet you are screaming very loud too! actually i dont know if you are aware of it or not but there is a video of you sitting at your computer posted on youtube for everyone on this board and the entire world to see. look here! this is Baby-Boywonder!!! he forgot to take his medication!!


and yes i'm sure you and Toa (who both live in different countries) are going to come hunt me down and stab me.... LOL LOL LOL!!!! hahahahaha!!! wow, you have a great sense of humor!!!! you couldnt even possibly find out who i am or where i live!!! hahaha

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-05-10 18:02:06

it's also amusing that you want to go hunt down and beat up a girl, and to top it off a younger girl. i mean only a true sissy would want to do such a thing. only a boy who's truly insecure about his masculinity would dedicate such time and effort to such a cause b/c maybe if you go beat up a little girl you would be able to prove that are tough, strong, and manly!! LOL!!! hahahaha!!! truly insecure about your masculinity you are indeed and i have proof! proof that you are a boy lover and or a cinderfella and or an $%!@ messiah or and a rectum ranger and or fudgepacker and or and or a pole smoker or and or butt pirate, an arse bandit a prancing pony a jolly rancher, a fruit loop, a cupcake a cupcoook a cupkeek like a kuppuke like cakecup and strawberry shortcake and or and or a limp-wristed lollipop licking lefty, cherub, or and or sugar puff pouty princess you are indeed Baby-Boywonder!!!!!!

Posted by boypower on 2009-05-10 00:43:50 lads blokes chaps dudes guys males!!!!doodz mailz maylz

Posted by boypower on 2009-05-10 09:33:31 MALE LAD CHAP BLOKE DUDE GUY MAN!!!!!

wow, anyone who enjoys repeating this many synonyms for boy one after another surely has to love boys in a very close and intimate way!!!!

Posted by boypower on 2009-05-09 16:36:31 i- am-gay

wow, nuff said!!!

btw, when you venture on back to the nuthouse and fill out the acceptance form, be sure to select the multiple choice bubble for 'Other' and write in "schizo-spaz-sissy" b/c schizo-spaz is not fully and correctly diagnosed. sorry, my bad on that one!! hahahahhaaa ROFLMFAO!!!!!