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Boys humiliated by girls

Have you ever humiliated a girl ?

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-07 15:06:19

Jason, I created a Yahoo account to contact/answer you on anything. It is


Later today I will try to reach the email address that you gave me. Please acknowledge that you got it, or let me know that you didn't. This particular message here is being typed and posted about 8 AM Pacific Coast time. I will send that email by 5 PM Pacific time today. 9 hours or less from now.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-07 21:38:42

Jason.....I tried to send you an email at the address exactly like you posted it. Yahoo sent me a message that mine could not be delivered to you because your account is inactive or discontinued. Please check to make sure that on this board you typed it EXACTLY correct.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-08 01:15:25

Agree about Yahoo. I had to try 5 times to establish the account today.

Posted by natee on 2008-06-08 01:24:39

did you get my mail,Meangirl? just wondering...thanks,nate. BTW, I would like to corespond wit you...thanks,nate.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-08 04:24:24

Jason & nate.....I received both of your emails. I did respond to yours, Jason, but not to nate yet. I am busy watching some movies that I recorded on Directv.