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Boys humiliated by girls

Have you ever humiliated a girl ?

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-06 05:09:59

BF2......though I never have seen any statistics, I do believe that bullies of either sex are often, though not always, "made",so to speak, not born. In other words, as youngsters they could have had lousy lives. Physical or sexual abuse, for example, even from parents or close relatives. I DO know that such abuse happens.

I have far more questions than I do answers about why some people of either sex are bullies, while others who may have gone thru the same rotten early childhood do NOT end up being bullies but instead are the exact opposite.

So far my conclusion is that we live in a crazy world which is full of contradictions and things that are difficult if not impossible to explain or even understand.

I do know that I will not apologize for my [and certain friends'] actions which have resulted in stopping the bullying by certain bullies of certain friends of mine. Maybe the end really does sometimes justify the means. Whenever a better solution comes along, I will gladly jump on the bandwagon. I have better things to do than the stuff I've done which I have described on this message board. Personally, I'd rather watch TV or go to a movie, or something.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-06 05:16:27

And Jason......are you currently in the military? I'd like to hear more if it is OK for you to talk about it.

Posted by natee on 2008-06-06 22:22:02

Ya, I could totally see Meangirl tutoring people for free. just by the way she talks to others...ya, ups to you ,maeangirl.,nate.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-06 22:46:53

Thanks nate.

Jason. I'd like to hear more about your military situation. I will create a new Yahoo email account and post it here so you can reach me there. Sometime tonight. [Friday]. I just don't want to publish my actual email address here because people like meanboy could create havoc with it.

Posted by natee on 2008-06-06 23:05:32

Ya, I know what you mean...Ive had the same e-mail for 9 years...nate.