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Boys humiliated by girls

Have you ever humiliated a girl ?

Posted by benevolantfem2 on 2008-06-05 06:21:46


I know the title of the poll is 'boys humiliated by girls' but I was wondering if you (meangirl) undertake you're "anti bullying" actions against girls who harass boys too.

It does happen and to be honest I have often watched boys being embarrased when a girl decides she likes him or she gets "horny" and wants to get a kick out of embarrasing him (not to be blunt but girls do have hormones as well). The worst part about girls bullying boys though is the boys are not allowed to fight back, because school rules are often over the top biased against violence and bullying towards females.

For instance girls at my school used to kick boys in their sensitive parts because they knew the authority was in their favor. One boy reacted and pushed a girl away from himself after she kicked him , and the rest of the school even the boys and a female teacher proclaimed him a "woman basher". A girl who is being harrassed can slap punch or kick a boy with as much force as she want's to defend herself but all a boy can do so is move away or wait till she is finished.

In a sense this actually means boys might actually need a female vigelante like you on their side as much as if not more than girls, because they are restrained by the law in ways that females are not.

This is just is food for thought meangirl. I think as females we sometimes have to stand up for the boys because the very laws that protect us can also lead to unfairness , and just as good boys use their strength to protect and not hurt girls , good girls should use their own strengths to return the favor .

So, have you every humiliated a girl to protect a boy ?, or has the idea ever crossed you're mind ?. Just curious.


Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-05 06:48:59

I think my "friend" meanboy asked me the same question recently and I responded.

I do not know of a single instance at my school where a girl or girls initiated the physical bullying of an innocent boy, so the answer is "no".

Some girls DO mouth off unnecessarily to certain boys. Mostly to boys who those girls label as "nerds" [which usually means that the boy does well in school and gets good grades], or he is smallish and not athletic, or he is......rightly or wrongly.....perceived as gay. But name calling is in a different category to me than physical abuse.

Just to be clear, boys ALSO sometimes mouth off to those same types of other boys, and I don't involve myself in that either.

In fact, I don't involve myself in anything involving retaliation anymore. It is not really needed at my school anymore, which is a long story that I won't bore people with.

Oh, and about your poll. I see it has finally appeared. I voted "no" to the very first question.

Posted by benevolantfem2 on 2008-06-05 06:54:03

Perhaps things are different at you're school. Bullying of all varieties and all genders is common where I am , but it seems more one sided against males than expected, which clashes with the general ideas held by society.

Just out of interest do I percieve a slight dislike of boys or males in general at you're tone ?. Please forgive me for my bluntness, and no offence meant but it seems you percieve physical violence as a "male only failing".

Cheers Bf2

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-05 18:12:38

[I hope I am not duplicating this message. I typed it once but it never showed up].

BF2, I like boys, almost all boys. I probably have more boys as friends than girls. Many boys are sexy, and/or just downright good people. Most are fun to be around. I don't know what I have said that would make things appear otherwise.

I make good grades, so at the request of some teachers I have tutored several boys on my own time, after school, without pay. The object is to help them get their grades up so they can get into college and in 2 cases, so help them qualify for college football scholarships.

Posted by benevolantfem2 on 2008-06-06 02:05:53

As I said meangirl , no offence intended. The only representation of you're views I get is a square of text, sometimes it can be difficult to profile someone and their nuances of meaning based on this. If we were to judge everyone on their internet presence alone we would assume the world is filled with psycopaths and agression filled monsters ! :-).

Anyway, so my point might have sounded a bit ruder than I intended. Sorry. I just was curious given you're statement about violence being totally a boy thing. In my school it's actually sort of the other way round , which is unexpected. I am of the opinion that people who are violent are not violent for the sake of it, but rather as an avenue of power over another. This alone is not necessarily conductive to "good guy" "bad guy" just yet.

Take a ex-bully at my school. He was quite nasty and was often physical with and humiliated other students .He even hit me once. In the end his behavior though was later found to be due to domestic violence he suffered from his family. His bullying was probably more due to fear of lack of power than actual malice towards people. You might well have humiliated him ,meangirl, in light of his arguably atrocious behavior, to stop him hurting other students, and from any external perspective this seems like the right thing to do. On the other hand did he actually deserve to be humilited ?, in a sense he was actually a victim ?. His problem was solved by talking to a teacher who than councilled him and eventually involved the police. As a class we gathered around him to support him , the solution was not to attack him and "break him" into conformance.

As you can understand this case and general surrounding ideas makes me a little uncomortable with the idea of "good guy" "bad guy" and the organised "anti bullyng" activities expressed here. I am not suggesting I have a better alternative, or that nothing should be done but I find the ideas confronting and deep. In the case above , morality is ambigous and many other issues need to be confronted, for instance does his violence at home excuse his bullying of others ? , and what is his resposibility to seek help for his problems at home ?, is he partly to blame if he does not take advantage of help if it is easily available to him ?. The complications boggle the mind but they must be cosidered before any sort of counter action is taken to solve the problem.

Again, I'm not actually arguing against you meangirl, I think I am actually supporting you're excellent consideration of the subject. It is good to know you think deeply about what you do. You're a great person !.