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Boys humiliated by girls

A guy I like seems to want me to "dominate" him

Posted by meangirl on 2008-04-20 23:27:36

I started to post about this a while back, before, hatinggirls or whatever his name was started ruining every thread.

I know this very cute guy who is 17. I mean CUTE. If I had to describe him to someone you might know, it would be Ryan Sheckler. According to my parents I am too young to date, but if I was able to date somebody it would be this guy. His name is Mark

If you know my background from my past messages on this board, you know that I do NOT pick on guys except to retaliate [with some friends] on guys who have verbally or physically abused either girls or boys in mt school. While this "secret" is really mostly a secret, a few others have heard. Mark has.

He has asked me over the past few weeks to "dominate" him. When I ask him what he means or what he expects me to do to him, his answer is always "whatever you want". This strikes me as very weird, yet he is so cute that it is tempting. Be assured that I would NOT harm him. No facial wounds, or bruises or cuts anywhere on his body. In fact, the one restriction he has set is that there be no facial/visible cuts or bruises on him. But I have to admit that the thought of undressing him and seeing him naked is a real turn-on, as is just seeing/touching every inch of him from head to toe. Though I have seen him only fully clothed so far, I'm betting that his butt is as cute as his face [I like checking out guy's clothed butts at school], and I'm sure the rest of him is way above average too.

This sounds way too kinky for him to be repeatedly asking me to do this. Yet he is so cute that it is tempting to do it. I just wish he would be more explicit about what he wants me to do. It is most certainly a situation where he is not going to try to force himself on me. I am convinced that whatever arousal or fun he gets from this, if it happens, would be what I do to him, and not the other way around. And it doesn't sound like he expects me to touch him sexually, just "dominate" him.

Do any of you know a guy like this? Can you explain to me why he would want to be dominated? This is WAY beyond my experience level.

I would like your feedback.

Posted by natee on 2008-04-22 01:33:46

Meangirl, it soulds like your reputation preceeds you.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-04-22 02:43:41

Maybe, but as I have explained more than once, I have never "picked" on a guy just for the thrill of it, only as retaliating for something the guy did to really hurt or embarrass someone else.

This guy [Mark] doesn't fit in that category, not even close. He is quiet and fairly shy, is well liked, and doesn't bother anybody.

I genuinely wonder if he is in a BIG minority of guys his age who wants what he wants from me, or whether there are more guys out there his age who would find this "scene" a turn-on.

Posted by natee on 2008-04-22 03:03:11

OK ,well from the sounds of it its one of 3 things, 1.he is turned on by this from a pain fetish(?). 2.he like you and want you to suprise him with a sexual pass. 3.he's just messing wit your head, possiblty in revenge? Anyway thats what I take from it. Now that I have applied myself to your question, maybe you can read my post and tell me what you think of this 'faimily problem' that has been getting bigger and bigger. (witch I've already kinda half-solved). its in the message section of my poll,click and tell me. BTW I am not this 'girlhate' person.

Posted by natee on 2008-04-22 22:36:42

Mean girl ,I have one more advice for you. I think you should ask him "Are you messing wit my head'? and see what he does. You sound intellegent enough to do the rest.