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Boys humiliated by girls

I love humiliating boys who deserve it

Posted by meangirl on 2008-01-23 20:41:00

and I have humiliated 5-6 boys my age or older. They usually have to be a bully or smart aleck to get me into action. Mostly I do it with 3 girl friends, though one guy [who is gay but nice and has frequently gets bullied by other guys] has joined in with us too.

I find that the thing that humiliates a boy is to get them to a private place, surprise and overwhelm him, strip hm VERY slowly until he is naked [this scares the boy] then pretty much [with my friends help] have my way with his butt;. I find that doing that humiliates and scares a boy more than doing things with his genitals. Boys seem to think that their butts are their "private property" moreso than their genitals. They don't like being spanked. or having their legs forcibly spread apart, and their holes exposed and looked at. But inserting fingers or "toys" or whatever into their hole is what always makes them cry like a baby. And, always take photo's of the whole episode, making sure they know you are taking the photo's.

Dressing them in girl's clothes and stuff like that is not nearly as effective if you really want to humiliate a guy.

Posted by guysKISSgirlsBUTT on 2008-01-26 10:23:52

I have a sister which is 17 years old and i am 18 years old and i always use to trubble her because i get angry she is smarter and clever than me and she is cute and sexy and on one day while we were alone in the house and i was walking to the toilet she was coming fast also and so i holded her hand because i want to pee fast and she said to me i will only wash my hands i said ok but as soon as she came in front of me she turn around and look strait in my eye and she kicked me fast and hard in the balls it was extreme pain, i was fallen in the floar dubbling in a real pain while she had a good laugh at me, i was so embarresed and humiliated then she locked the toilet door and run away Also on one day we decided to wrestle to find who is the stronger sex and who win is the stronger and the loser do 3 wishes to the winner. I was sure that i will win because i have more muscles but i was embarresed during the match because she was able to take me above her hed and she put me in a schoolgirl pin and i can not move i was so humiliated and then i found that her muscles was smaller than mine but stronger by a lot after that i knew that i had no chance to win and i gave up and i accept her to be the boss then i did her 3 wishes the first was to see me maked and dress me like a girl and i did and the second wish is to kiss her butt and lick her $%!@ and Shoe and i did then the last and third wish was so hard is be a slave for her until 3 mounths and to do for her any thing she want forever and i must do it or she will kick me in the balls again and i beg for her for merci but i can not do any thing to her because i am scared from getting kicked in the balls. After that we had a commpitition in sports to see who is the better sex at sport, and who win in the 3 different types will be the winner, and these compitition must be in front of my friends and her friends, the first challenge was at armwrestling i did my best but she was able to put my hand down after just 9 seconds. The second challenge was at basketball who score 10 points will be the winner she scored them very easy because she can run faster than me and can shoot better while me i scored only 2 points, and the third challenge was soccer we must play penalty kicks, each one must shoot 2 times, and i have to win because if i lose the girls will be the stronger sex at sport, i was first i scored the first kick but she was able to catch the second kick, and then her turn the first shot she scored it and the second shoot i was nervous and she shoot it very hard on my right side i could do nothing just looking at the ball entering the goal i was amazed how she kick it the i lay on the ground and she came to me and said my loser brother we are better at sports i closed my eyes and suddinly i felt something on my chest i opened my eyes it was her leg and making a victory pose my face came red and all her friends was clapping. Kow i respect girls and i love them. GIRLS ROOL BOYS DROOL

Posted by meangirl on 2008-01-28 16:57:58

from meangirl - you must be a real wimp for just one girl to do what she did to you.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-01-28 17:18:07

Me and my friends got another guy yesterday. He is very cute but very stuck up. 18 years old and a high school senior. I don't always enjoy humiliating guys...except when they are really nasty to someone else first. But I have to admit I kinda enjoyed this one because he is so cute. But that isn't why we humiliated him. What got him into trouble with us is that he frequently had called my gay friend who is in our group some very derogatory names rather than just using the word "gay". We had had enough of it.

My group saw him walking home alone after school. We jumped him and drug him behind an empty building., and handcuffed him. We let our gay friend have a lot of the fun, removing his clothes including his boxers. We each then took turns spanking his butt. We threatened him with our gay friend actually screwing him and he started crying like a baby. However, we all thought that might be going too far, even though it would have been a perfect humilitation. Even our gay friend thought that would be going too far. So, he basically just got off with just getting stripped naked and spanked a lot. Of course, we all took a good look at his soread butt cheeks and his hole, and got the foto's.

It will be interesting to see how he treats my gay friend in the future.

Posted by tarantula7 on 2008-01-30 00:37:36

i was forced to wear y fronts wen i lost 2 my girlfriend in a play fight im 18 n shes 16 she talks 2 me like a baby n makes me beg she humiliates me infront of her friends n calls me a wimp or pathetic little baby she lafs at me til im on my knees when we buy clothes shel buy patterned briefs or y fronts on purpose so she can taunt me she even forces me 2 lick n suck yoghurt of her fingers cos she knows i hate it shemeks me say im a wimp out loud 2 her friends she even puts me over her knee n spanks my but thru my underwear now ill neva live it down she knows shes incharge