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Boys humiliated by girls

My Humiliation Stories

Posted by bob1029384756bob on 2008-01-13 17:43:55

I have enjoyed hulmiliating boys by stripping them and hurting they're nuts. They are so easy to embarass.

He was just walking home from school, when me and my friends snook up from behind and pulled his pants down in front of a bunch of kids revealing light blue boxer shorts. He pulled up his pants and tried to run away, but we grabbed him and tied him to a tree. Once we got all of our friends to come and watch, we took of his shirt, shoes, socks, and finally pants again. He was really humiliated, and tried to get away, but the ropes were tight. Everyone watched him struggle to try to get loose, a helpless little boy in his boxers. Finally we untied him, but he was so embarrassed that he just sat there, almost crying. We left with his cloths.

There was this 13 year lold boy in my class that was always very popular. He wore loose pants, and cool shirts, and his boxers were always showing. I think he liked to show off his underwear. He also thought he was cool, he wasn't modest at all. He thought he was the toughest perosn in the school. One time when he made fun of me, I grabbed him by his boxers(that were hanging out) and swung my knee into his nuts. He looked shoked, and walked away slowly, holding his balls tighly. Another time I gave him a huge wedgy. I noticed he didn't show his boxers off too much anymore after that.

There was this one 12 year old boy that had a crush on me and he was always mean to girls. He even treated me badly, he wrote me disgustng notes, and even flipped my skirt! He was alot smaller and weaker than me, so one time I invited him over, and secretly invited all my firends over as well. Than he came in, I kicked him in the balls. While he was down, my friends came in and tied him to the couch. Then we took turns asking him embarassing questions like, what kind of underwear do you wear, and how much did he like me. When he blushed or didn't answer, we removed on peace of his clothing. We kept doing this until only his boxer briefs were left. By now he was reallllyy humiliated. He hadn't answered any of our questions, so me and my firneds took turns hitting his balls (not too hard, but hard enough to hurt) then we asked him questions like; why does it hurt to hit you there? and calling him a poor little boy. It went on for an hour and finally we took his boxers off and left him outside naked after taunting him relentlesly.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-01 17:28:24

Jason, I think you are pretty good at spotting the phony stories. Or at least, you and I seem to agree when one sounds phony.

Posted by natee on 2008-06-02 22:52:52

Look, I didn't say anything, and I understand why you are analyizing it. I wish that I would do the same..sticking to the rules even if you are more or less forced to, it ok to..you learded alot from your butt-kicking and I'm sure you are a more polite thoughtful young man because of it, don't worry disscuss, I am game. nate.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-03 15:28:33

Hey Jason-

I don't think you have ever mentioned whether or not you still on occasion see this girl. Do you?

If so, do you even acknowledge each other, at least with a nod of the head or a "hello"? Or do you talk, either about the past incident, or about more current things?

I am just curious.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-06-04 00:37:20

Jason.....thanks for sharing that information. With true stories, which yours undoubtedly is, the "psychiatrist" in me typically likes to know the eventual long term outcome, which you have described. Thanks again.

By the way, for whatever it is worth, I am seriously considering studying psychology when I go to college, which will be in the fall of 2010. [ I will be a senior in high school next year.]

That explains my interest in your entire story. That, plus you are clearly a genuinely nice guy.

I think the only person I truly cannot figure out on this board is meanboy [formerly girlhater and hatinggirls]. That guy is truly weird. He hates everybody, yet says nothing about himself or why he is even interested in this board. No mention of ever being humiliated himself. Well, I am committed to ignoring him, so if enough people join me in ignoring him, my guess he will go away.