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Being treated like the youngest

My kid brother lords it over me!

Posted by Scott Thomas on 2005-02-05 19:28:35

When I go to the mall with my mom and kid brother, she'll say things to me like "Come on, little boy! We don't have ALL day!" When we're at home doing our chores, my brother will say things to me like "You better do what I say, boy!" He'll insist that I do his work sometimes and our mom will back him up! He calls me a sissyboy, too. Even though I'm 5 years older than him, he's beaten me up occasionally, too, and humiliates me in front of his friends by telling them how I'm treated like a little boy compared to him.

Posted by pubpub on 2008-01-23 22:03:44

heres what you do, u torture himand hell never embarass you again, or anything. 1st- fart on his face, but not a little fart, i mean a manly big whopper fart 2nd- workout and get all sweaty and shove your sweaty socks in his mouth and put your arm pit to his nose 3rd- hurt him, punch him and kick him come on dont be scared all older brothers do it, to get respect. hes only yur little brother