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Teenage Girls' Muscular Legs

My Legs Are Awesome!

Posted by MuscleGirlBrat on 2004-11-27 00:23:12

I'm a 14 year old gymnast and I have a pair of incredible legs. My calves are 16" of rock solid muscle and my thighs are getting bigger and more ripped everyday. They're over 23" right now and I know they'll keep growing. I love to wear heels and skirts because it drives people wild. My legs get a lot of attention everywhere I go and I love to flex and show them off. The only problem is finding tight jeans that will fit over my muscles and boots are pretty much out of the question. But it's a small price to pay to have the strongest, sexiest legs in town!

Posted by fitfreak1 on 2005-07-01 04:39:19

please musclebrat, ur all talk, im a 16 yr old ballarina n my calves are way bigger than urs i bet. People compliment them every single day whereever i go.

Posted by MuscleGirlBrat on 2005-07-01 20:05:35

I know that ballet can create some muscular legs. How big are your calves? Are they all muscle? How hard are they? Have you ever squeezed anyone with them?

Mine are 16" of ROCK HARD muscle and I would posedown with you any day!


Posted by gatto_matto on 2005-07-07 20:53:14

Hallo fitfreak1 and Hallo MGB!! As someone know, i'm a big fan of girls with strong legs, expecially i love strong calves... and i really admire MGB if what she wrote in the poll is true!! I have to say that the ballet gives a big strength in the legs, and the ballarina's calves are often very strong and hard!! It would be a nice challenge if both you say the true!! :)) "Virtual Kisses" for you girls!!

Posted by stallion on 2005-12-27 21:34:07

have ne pics of ur extremely muscular legs