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barefeet tickle torture

barefeet tickle torture

Posted by Stephan on 2003-06-14 22:40:13

By Jove! My sociological research has revealed the most remarkable fact that people who say "barefeet" as one word are statistically 14% more ticklish than those who say "bare feet" as two words... Excuse me? I don't know why you're asking, but I don't say either personally... Anyway, when we adjust the data from the study for a variety of variables... Which are mine? I've no idea what you mean... We arrive at a mean deviation that rises to a differential as great as 17%... How could we prove it right here and now? No, and that wasn't even part of the study... With a peak, allowing for age and gender, of 23%... What are you doing? Why, unhand me, you varlet, I insist... Now, follow-up interviews were designed to explore three hypotheses that would explain the phenomena... I fail to comprehend what you're doing, but I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from handling my shoes... The variables between subjects who were preselected against those who were examined on the default hypothesis... I protest! Don't remove my shoes, or my stockings; oh, so they're barefeet, are they? That's all well and good, now let me continue... As I was saying, the follow-up data was suggestive but not conclusive... No, this isn't funny, it's entirely inappropriate... So that further study and data may be required before we regard any hypothesis as proven... Why, what is that curious sensation you're producing? But that's preposterous! I am the leading researcher into psycho-physiological phenomena, not some hyper-ticklish dude, as you so quaintly phrase it... If I may return to the research study... I say, what an unusual neurological reaction... If you'll please allow me a moment, I'm afraid I'm experiencing a most unusual impulse to, well, giggle, I fear... You can't continue this juvenile practice; very well, I shall prove it to you and refrain from laughing; you'll certainly never reduce me to hysterics... I've retained my composure in far more difficult situations than this... Gracious, my heels, but no, I shan't let it tickle... Just don't give in to it, and I won't laugh, I won't laugh... Oh, such a delicate touch along my arches - uh - oh my, I almost giggled there, just caught it in time... Keep breathing regularly... I never knew my soles were so sensitive; I suppose it really does t.t.tickle after all... Stay calm - but it's getting harder not to laugh... Goodness, my TOES! They really must be ticklish, this feels like torture... Can't - give - in... Oh, no, I really feel like laughing... Must - resist... My poor feet, that tickles terribly... All this laughter building up inside, I'll go mad if I don't let it out, maybe just a little giggle - hee-hee! Try to hold it in - haha - it's tickling even more - hoho - oh my poor feet - hoohoohoo - this tickles too much - wheeheehee - I'm going to burst... BWAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAAAA!!!!! Oh - oKAYHAYHAY!! I admit it - it tihihihi - TICKLES! WOHOHOHUHHOHOHOHUHHO!!! My poor feeHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEETTTT!!! You-hoo win, now just STOHAHAHOP! What? Fine - PLEASE stop! stop tititickling! myhahi feet! All right - PLEASE STOP TICKLING MY FEET!!! Because they're too -hoohoo - too ticklish! What? You're not stopping - oh no DOEhohon't! Not f.f.feathers! That'll tickle too much - HAHAHAHAHA - I'm going CRAZY! What are you saying - kitchy kitchy koo? Ohhohoho - Lord, that's so funny - teeheeheehee!! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard - HUHHUHHUHHUH! Oh my sensitive SOLES! Not my TOES! HAAAH HAAAH HAAAH!!! You have to stop - I can't breathe - I'm losing my mind - oh nuhnuhnohohuhho! Fine, you win, I'll say it! My big - BAREFEET are - much too - TOO TICKLISH!!! Now please STOP! Uh - uh - NO FAIR! You gotta stop - aw, c'mon, I'm gonna faint - NOT THAT BRUSH! Man, have mercyheeheehee! Gimme a break! This is TORTURE! Nohoho - gosh, not kitchy kitchy koo again, please guy you're killin me! I'm WAY too ticklish - GEEheeheez! AW, nuh nuh nuh NOT between those toes - ANYWHERE but there - AHHH HA HAA - omaGAWD - too $#@! ticklish - HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!! I can't - take it - p.p.please - dude - no more ticklin - yer drivin me %^&*in NUTS! please just stohahahop - whahuhhuhhut? Aw, man - yeah, yer right, ya tickled the #$%^ outa my barefeet - so please - wontcha - jus tickle s'more? Yeah dude keep ticklin my tootsies - bububwohohoho! bububwawhawhawhaw!! bububwehehehehe!!! bububwoohoohoo!!!! bubuBWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Posted by zonni86 on 2003-06-15 17:45:05

Reply: barefeet tickle torture


Seriously, you need to chill out on the weed, or whatevere you be smokein, lol, Im sayin.

Posted by ticklishmike on 2006-03-28 22:45:04

Man, you on way to much crack.

Posted by KoolDood on 2006-03-30 07:36:30

Sure it's strange, but I like the humor and creativity.

Posted by Stephan on 2006-04-09 21:20:47

thank you; you sound like my kinda dude - uhm, excuse me, but may i ask what you're holding behind your back because it looks like a... feather duster?