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barefeet tickle torture

my story

Posted by GrayHound on 2005-05-21 04:43:41

i was cleaning the house after a party i threw at my house when my parents werent home and my friend knocked on the door and she wanted to watch this movie with me. i said i had to clean the house but she could come in anyway. so there was this stuff under a table in the kitchen that i had to clean up so i went under it and tried to move some of it out of the way (it was a lot of stuff). then some of it fell on me and i told my friend i was stuck and there was a feather duster on the table i was under and she grabbed it and began to tickle my feet with it. i was in hysterics and she didnt stop for like 20 minutes. i was crying from laughing so hard but she didnt stop. i still havent gotten her back for it (it happened about 3 months ago) but i will.

Posted by white_wizard on 2010-09-29 20:17:11

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