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barefeet tickle torture

My old girlfriend

Posted by Dan Glingballs on 2003-11-11 19:15:37

I had an old girlfriend who worked at a gym/dance studio. Her feet were very pretty with long straight toes and super-wrinkly soles. Her feet were usually very dirty at the end of the day but she had high arches so just her toe pads, balls, sides and heels were filthy. I found the only way to properly clean her feet involved some intricate bondage. I had drilled small holes in the foot board of our bed and pulled thin but soft twine through them. Sabrina then layed on the bed on her stomach and I wrapped the strings though her toes and then pulled them tight. This effectively tied her toes to the footboard and bent the toes back so that her soles were stretched taught. i would then tie her wrists either behind her back or to the headboard. I then went and got our cleaning supplies: a bucket of water, some soap and a variety of toothbrushes, rags, fingernail brushes or whatever else looked interesting. I'd then sit at Bri's feet and clean them. Oh did I mention that she was monstrously ticklish? It took quite a long time to scrub those soles claen but we both had a lot of laughs doing it... :>) tickletorch@excite.com