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The Israel Palestine Conflict: Your Thoughts

peace for palestine

Posted by s.kahla on 2004-02-17 17:50:04

Some of my friends and family members went to Palestine-Israel last summer to do humanitarian aide. Believe me when I say this: As much as I want peace for both sides, there is no denying that Israel is the agressor in this terrible conflict. Israel is funded by the USA, so it has a very powerful military. Palestine is not allowed to have a military, and that is why some (but not many) Palestinians have resorted to suicide bombing. It is the only 'army' they have.

The Israeli military destroys homes and families, and even kills American peace activists. I'm not saying that Jewish people shouldn't have peace - indeed they should- I am saying that the Israeli military and govt. is to blame here.

My mom saw two Israeli soidiers beat up a young Arab college student for no reason whatsoever. What is going on in Israel-Palestine is exactly like what went on in the former Yugoslavia - ETHNIC CLEANSING. I want to see peace for both sides, but it can't happen until the USA withdraws it's ties from that part of the MIddle East.

Posted by K.K. on 2005-02-05 01:23:02

To set the record straight

First a History Lesson:

[HISTORY LESSON] Zionists moved to Israel because it was their ancient home. It was theirs. So they moved back into the desert in great numbers. (Does that offend the Palestinans, huh?) The British double-crossed the Israelis and Palestinains by saying they both could have Israel, so Israel did the noble thing and planned to divide it, half by half. BUT NO! Five countries attacked so Palestine, who has a lesser population than tiny Israel and can easily live in peace in Jordan or Lebanon or Syria, could have it ALL. But Israel endured and then AGAIN offered to split the land, but then there was another attack, and then another, and then another, ON WHICH NONE of which Israel came CLOSE to starting. COME ON! THAT'S EVIL?!

So then, Israel went on the offensive and faught back, which ANY other country in the HISTORY of the world would have done long, long, before. And they got some territory, and for some reason everyone in the world gets $%!@ed off at Israeli. WHAT THE HELL? Texas and California were won in a war from Mexico. Should WE give TEXAS and CALIFORNIA back?

And then, Israel yet again offers everything back and Palestine a state. But nooooo, and then Palestine suiide bombs. And that has been happening until today.

And that makes Isreal evil? If you think so, you need serious therapy or something, man.

Okay then, I know what you mean about the American government and your right. Israel has enough funding. But Palestine does have a semi-large force. I know because I live in Israel. I have seen them on the front lines and I have lost my wife to a suicide bombing.

I HATE How you ethnocentric Americans act like your better than everyone else and feel the need to "better" the world through missionaries, worthless wars, worthless fundoing, and world policing. Well guess whjat. The world is just fine and dandy with out you bastards involved. Stick to your own country and fix the endless domestic countries. THE WORLD HATES YOU. Well fix it ourselves and the Americans have been detering Middle East Peace since 1893. JUST GET OUT OF IT!

Posted by chucksmom on 2005-03-23 16:20:27

Actually, both Mexico, America & Canada should be handed back to the Native Americans, to use your analogy.

Outright Genocide(over several hundred years), persecution/racism, ANCIENT HOMELAND, yup, got it all right here.

Hope ya don't mind if the Navajo's get some nukes, bulldoze some houses in Phoenix, ghettoize whites in enclaves surrounded by uzi toting warriors, imposing "curfews", while also requiring special "passes" to leave said ghetto.

Seems like it'd work?

Nope, that's why it hasn't worked for Israel either.

Israel never considered they have to actually deal with the people WHO ALREADY LIVED THERE.

Perhaps if Palestinians been included from the beginning; Israel thinking about a diverse, multi-cultural, democratic entity things could have been different.

Now, the only way out is to start back at the beginning, like South Africa. Have to include the people who are there, ALL of them.

Posted by chucksmom on 2005-03-23 16:32:33

PS-I also agree the US should get out of it. That includes ending all support aid to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey; pulling out of Iraq, and stop threatening Syria & Iran. American's central american involvement is just as shameful.

Last but not least, I am truly sorry about your wife. The deaths of innocent people is truly a tradgedy and that is why I support peaceful resolutions only.

Nobody wins the more people that are killed, violence perpetuates violence

Posted by klkla on 2005-06-05 06:40:10

I have lost my Mum, Dad, Brother and all my cousins because of the suicide bombings. Then Idiots like you say that my coutry is evil for trying to stop it. Some how that doesn't strike me as fair.