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Boy, was you ever bound and tickled?

Tickled by mymy Friend

Posted by tickled on 2005-05-31 08:43:39

Hi, I am 15 and was tickled by my friend (male). He tied me up at our treehouse in some fields behind where we lived, I lost a bet and he said he wanted to tie me up and see if I could escape, after he tied my arms off he pullled of shoes, socks, trousers boxer then tied me fully, I was already topless. I was tied to the floor, spread eagle and naked. He tickled me for about twenty minutes, then started to $%!@e e when I was one the pointing of ejaculation he left coming back 30 mins later and tickled me again. I was tickled on and off all day, until 2 pm when he brought his older brother (18) and his friends and then they tickled for two hours, milking me until I could not ejaculate anymore and they rubbed baby oil into and used brushes and all sorts. Once they untied me I was their slave for a few hours and they said they would do it again if I told anyone. I hated the day and was embarrased that it made be hard. However I do love to be tickled

Posted by Hairy Bear 13ee on 2006-02-25 02:09:50

The cool thing about these polls is that you find that you were nmot the only one with these experiences. Me and my best friend had similar tickle sessions from age 6-13. I always enjoyed being tied and tickled and Je##4d off. I still do even now and thought that I ws the only one that had experiences like this. Thanks for sharing and don't feel guilty, as young kids we just did what felt good.