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Casual Family Nudity

I largely agree but...

Posted by Wise Guy on 2005-10-28 01:48:34

I must disagree. Since nudity is the default condition, and since many societies (tho fewer all the time, as western society takes over the world) see nudity as normal and live that way, yet are more morally uprite than westerners in general; I have to say that equating nudity with sex is a huge mistake.

You think nudists lay awake at nite fantasizing about their family members because they see them naked? Hey, you don't have to see people naked to fantasize about them! Americans are some of the most clothes-conscious people in the world, with the most prudish, victorian, puritanical and hypocritical attitudes about the body and sex imaginable, and sexual immorality is rampant in American society. You probably have a perverted mind, and you think the body is for nothing but fornication. If you believe that incest is proper, then you must not believe the Bible, which is very clear. If you do not accept the Bible as a standard for life, then you probably have no standard of any kind, and can justify anything. You should reconsider.

Posted by kattap321 on 2007-06-18 03:48:51

if you think nudity is not related to sex your dumb becasue if all the parts are bare then its a lot more lieklet people will stick one in the other even if its rape.

Posted by Notaperv on 2009-11-04 19:58:14

My opinion: Nudity is not AUTOMATICALLY sexual. But it can be. someone stripping can be sexual. Some old guy mowing the lawn naked: not sexual

Posted by RedhairedAngel on 2010-12-08 21:02:39

Lurker, I for one am a Nudist as are all my family. I've seen them all naked almost all the time I've been around them and can hand on heart say I don't fantasize about any of them, even if generally we are a very open family and have no problems talking about sex or even seeing another of the family engaged in some kind of sexual act. This being said I'll freely admit if someone comes over whose also a nudist and whom I find attractive I might well become aroused or look at them.

Wise Guy, not everyone here is Christian, and not every good person in the world is Christian while there are a lot of bad Christians, please don't bring religious views into this subject unless the poll is already talking about religion

kattap321, women get raped with their clothes still on all the time. Admittedly in some cases (but most definitely not all) nudism can cause more attraction between people than there would be if they weren't naked, but being naked isn't always sexual and there are may cases and situations where it isn't

Notaperv's got the right idea here

Posted by Lea14 on 2010-12-11 11:24:06

My clothing limits started more than two years ago and I was quickly totally naked at home. Being naked does not have to beome sexually but in my case it did. But there was nothing bad in that and I was not raped but enjoyed it very much.