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Casual Family Nudity

family nudity

Posted by KaTrina1104 on 2011-11-03 23:02:58

My family has been practicing home nudity for children and women for years .It is suppose to show honor, respect, submission for the home and our husbands, fathers and any other male lead. I have not been completely honest(You may notice in my other post) because so many people think this is wrong or perverted. But this is how it works, women are nude at home no matter what, children of both sexes are nude at home no matter what. Boys are permitted to wear clothed when they reach the age of 12. Over the years this tradition have been watered down or fallen to waste side. However my mom practice it and so did my sisters and I . I am married now I would love practice this full time in the traditional manner where I am nude all the time at home and my future kids will be nude as well. nudity has it benefits

Posted by KaTrina1104 on 2011-11-07 04:27:19

Posted by lilbabe on 2011-11-05 15:20:11

KaTrina, You mean an 11 year old boy would be allowed to walk around sporting an erection for all to see?

My brother is 11 and if you saw him in swimwear like I do you'd know that his cokk is huge and hard.

TO be honest most young boys dont really have erection because they are use to the female body.For ones who do it shows that are not praticing the family tradition and normally after a while of being around nudity the erection dont last long.

Posted by KaTrina1104 on 2011-11-07 04:38:33

Posted by sweet13 on 2011-11-06 08:23:29

Katrina1104, what kind of clothes must the boys and men wear? i think a pouch or cokkstrap would be enough. if the clothes are tiny and it's obvious when they are erect and need to go release semen, is that ok with you?

can a semen release be allowed to happen where the females can see, or must they go somewhere private?

To answer you r question this is not done for sexual intentions or grafications butto show honor,respect, submission. Boys after 12 and men were anything they like and the majority of them regular clothes a few choose to stay nude with their wives and children.

Posted by thekidkid on 2012-01-02 23:54:24


I can not wait to talk to you again, I have send you mail to your email address, and i am waiting on your relpy

hope to get to talk to you again soon, by the way mom is sill spanking me good, all the way naked lol


Posted by KaTrina1104 on 2012-01-03 03:30:30

Katrina. Im 13 and love being nakers. Can boys after 12 stay nakers if they want? If they can then I would like that way to live.

Yes boiys can stay nude if they want.