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My wife and I disagree on how to raise our 3 sons.

my sons

Posted by tjk on 2003-05-07 10:37:42

we have 4 children and there's a big differance between the boys and the girls.

our sons are ages 11 & 15

when our sons comes in they almost immediatly start striping down to there underwear.

my wife and i realy don't say to much any more unless one of there sisters has a friend over then we insist they put on at least some shorts.

if our sons have friends over we just let them wear what they want. (it's not worth the fight)

in the privacy of there own room it's there room let them wear what they want.(again it's not worth the fight)

if our sons take there shower in the eveing they tend to stay naked untill bed, time with free run of the house, unless we have non-family guest over. if it's only are family who cares. (again it's not worth the fight)

if our sons take there shower in the morning they tend to stay naked untill they need to get dressed to go some place eg; school, church, or where ever

mowing the lawn our boys take turns at this, if its hot out they tend to just wear there shorts with out underwear. (like they do most of the summer any way) again it' not worth the fight

we have to daughters ages 13 & 17 thier habbits are every much more modist and lady like. (our daughters agree with us it's not worth the fight any more)

you mite think our family is strange, but what family doesn't have strange habits. I know it not much diffent than are extened family habits.

even some of the neighbors with there kids say thier boys are much less modist then thier girls, and have simular habits.

Posted by Jazzman123 on 2004-01-24 00:45:38

what do your boys wear underneath?

Posted by quickdry on 2008-02-18 22:02:45

I'm interested in parents taking a poll I'm doing for school. I'm currently studying counseling. The only reason I'm asking you personally is you have daughters and I don't want a bunch of teen answers just parents. Please tell other parents you know. Thanks


thanks much Dennis

Posted by loving father and husband on 2020-08-15 00:26:53

our son is 15. he remains nude at all times. this includes public all family events and at church.for church as a strict father i have my son attend nude while everyone else is clothed. he stays standing hands at sides.

Posted by loving father and husband on 2020-08-19 22:26:29

my husband and i have two boys and three girls. both of us agree w this as the way. our boys are 12 and 16. our oldest son remains nude at all times. this is in our house, if hes in yard, and on sundays for church he attends nude even while everyone else is clothed. when our family has dinner each night both boys are fully nude. the rest of us are clothed for the meal. our boys dont get to have pubic hair and our oldest son has to have a small $%!@ at all times. this is my rule as his mother. and i mean small. most of the couples i know have similar policies. their girls are always clothed. their boys are usually nude in the house at a minimum. i recommend that you have your sons stay nude at all times. even w company. there should be no exceptions. even when we have a family party my boys still remain nude.