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Girls and Depantsing

Depantsed By My Girlfriend

Posted by Ron2cool on 2018-07-06 04:12:31

I went clothes shopping with my girlfriend in the mall one day. She told me to try on a pair of dark blue jeans that we both liked and I did. I went inside the fitting room and put them on. It was a perfect fit, except a little bit loose. I asked my girlfriend if she thought they were too loose. "Well, let's test them!!" My girlfriend said. And with that, she kneeled down, shoved her hands into my pockets and pulled my jeans all they say down to my ankles. She pulled really hard on them because she pulled down my heart boxers too. She got a good long look at my goods. I was so embarrassed! I quickly went to the nearest fitting room and pulled them up. When I came out my girlfriend, looked really embarrassed. She apologized over and over to me, saying that she didn't mean to pull everything down and see me naked. I gave her a hug to show no harm was done. I bought the jeans because I really liked them and I told my girlfriend she could pull them down whenever and wherever she wanted to make her feel better. Big mistake! She really liked the sound of that.