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Silly punishments in school

Handgagged All Day

Posted by gagstress on 2004-04-24 07:31:05

Hi Denise. Great poll. May I share one of my silly school punishment experiences from my high school days? I had a teacher in twelfth grade who was about 22 or 23 years old. She was a tall blonde namd Amy who hadn't been teaching very long. In our high school a teacher was permitted to discipline a student any way he or she saw fit, as long as the teacher didn't send the student to the principal's office. He just felt that teachers should handle these problems by themselves.

Amy always seemed to catch me talking when she was teaching. She hated when a student talked as she taught. Amy refused to tape or gag students' mouths because she preferred doing it another way. Whenever I was talking in class, Amy would come over and clap her hand over my mouth for a few minutes. She had to do this all the time. Every day of the week she had to cover my mouth, but I just wasn't learning my lesson. I loved to talk, and I wanted her attention.

Finally, Amy decided to take care of my talking once and for all. She made me sit beside her at her desk facing the class, with her left hand draped around my shoulders and clamped over my mouth. Amy had a big hand, sleek and slim, and it covered over half my face because her hand was so long. At first it was for 5 minutes at a time, gradually moving to 10. Then she increased it to 15, 20, 30, and finally 60 minutes. I realized that Amy was handgagging me for no reason at all after a time; she did it simply because she loved it and just wanted to. As soon as I got to class, Amy would grab my mouth for no reason and force me to sit up front with her for the full hour of class. She would encourage the class to tease me and laugh at me. The smile never left her pretty face the whole time she gagged me.

Amy's hand was very clean, sweet-scented. and very tight over my mouth so that I could not speak. She loved to tease and taunt me in front of the class. She'd say "Can anyone understand what he's saying?" To me, she would ask over and over, "What is it like to have my hand over your mouth? Tell us all. Tell me--describe it." As if I could talk! She kept asking "Do you like my hand? Do you love my hand over your mouth? Anything to say? Try to talk NOW." If I tried to talk, she'd imitate me and laugh, mimicking my mmmpphhing and muffled speech. For punishment, she would make me stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance with her hand over my mouth. That always embarrassed me and made my classmates howl.

One hour of gag time wasn't enough for Amy. Soon she was giving me after-school detention "so I can handgag you even longer and force you to gagtalk for me." After a while, there wasn't a day that went by that Amy's hand wasn't over my mouth for at least a full hour. Whenever she was busy or needed both hands to do paperwork, she assigned the mouth-covering duty to three girls who took turns holding my mouth for the hour at the back table. Amy would come back to tease me for being girl-gagged and praise the three female handgaggers "for keeping him so quiet. Don't take your hands away. Gag him for the rest of the period."

But that wasn't the worst of it. Amy would parade me proudly through the hallways, to assemblies, and to pep rallies with her hand clamped over my mouth for all to see! Students and teachers could stare openly at Amy's hand. No one ever questioned her, but they all stared curiously. Amy would take me to the back row of the auditorium or up to the highest level of bleachers, forcing me to sit beside her with her hand over my mouth. With her free hand she held my hands down in my lap. Talk about embarrasing and humiliating. I got some funny looks but she always told me, "Good! I want them to see my hand over your mouth gagging it!" That seemed to excite her a lot.

On days when we had all-day assemblies Amy would force me to sit close by her side gagged. Her hand would remain over my mouth so tightly for seven whole hours without her letting go for even a second. Yes, think of it. Sitting in a darkened auditorium with your female teacher's hand over your mouth for seven solid hours without budging, as she whispered "I love holding your mouth with my hand. I don't wanna have to take my hand away. Talk for me so I can see how it sounds." Her hand was so smothering for so many hours.

I can still smell and taste Amy's hand to this day. Her white feminine skin was so clean, and her sweet perfume was like fresh peaches in springtime. Amy's skin was so soft and smooth, and her hand was long and narrow with long, slender fingers. Her favorite punishment was taking me into the restroom with her so she could force me to stare in the mirror at her big white hand over my mouth. She grinned the entire time and mocked me if I mmmpphhed, or else shushed me. The memory of Amy's hands is so vivid and clear, even today after all these years. Clean smelling and tasting young woman hands, with thickly sweet perfume, forcing me to remain silent. Amy made me promise to never, ever tell anyone. At first I dreaded her hands, but after a time I loved Amy's hands over my mouth.

Posted by Junho Shin on 2008-02-13 04:42:22

hey i like it too when girls clamp their hand over my mouth. Is there any girl out there who can do that for me?

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