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Physical Exam Embarrassment

your rights

Posted by miniboi on 2006-08-06 09:41:48

-About physical exams, it is great that schools provide health services for free, but the exams should not be mandatory, students/parents should have the chance to freely choose/authorize the exams. -About the genital exams, they should NEVER be mandatory, that is inhumane and do more harm than do good. The doctor should suggest/persuade the student/parent to do/allow the genital exam, and if they choose not to, then their will must be respected. -The doctor may ask key questions to try to determine any obvious/serious problem, and clear any questions the student/parents may have, and the doctor should persuade the student to think about doing the exam later, somewhere else, with a doctor of his/her choice, and should explain that is on his/her best interest to do such an exam, but never force him/her, it his/her body and mind they have that right. If I have to choose between; be raped/abused/humiliated/permanently_emotionally_damaged and prevent a remote chance to have a noticeable disease, or not to be permanently_emotionally_damaged and maybe have some noticeable(only physical) disease that I could not see myself; then personally I would choose not to do the genital exam, that would be in “my best interest”. Many of those tests like breast and testicle exams can be done by themselves at home, and testicular cancer is very rare especially when young, and so is breast cancer, and so is prostate cancer so a rectal exam is stupidity on such young kids. Further more, children are very emotional sensitive, and must also be taken in consideration that they are very young and because of that never a stranger from the opposite sex seem her/him naked or touched her/him, especially inside the private parts, and the first time for that to happen should be with consent, and should be magical, and should be something GOOD to remember for life; there is only one “first time”. Children are a very special case, that is why if they choose to do the genital exam, it should be better for them to be with a doctor of the SAME SEX, and of their choice. I learned that most students feel very bad about the private part examination, both boys and girl are scared, they find it embarrassing and humiliating, and girls are emotional more fragile and often make them cry. Those feelings are natural to Human Beams, and those feelings must be respected; to respect those fundamental feelings/rights must always be the priority if you truly are defending the children “best interests”, and if you are truly concerned about the children/teen wellbeing. Also, all those testes can be done but minimizing the embarrassing/humiliation by doing things like instead of the patient being with the privates exposed all the exam, the privates should be exposed only the absolute necessary time, and if the patient chose to be alone with the doctor instead of being there with the mother or others, then his/her will must be respected(medical exams are supposed to be confidential), many other things like erections, and sometimes ejaculations, and many other traumatizing experiences may be avoid that way. Doctors should be teached privacy laws, and psychology, and human rights, not just human body functions. And should be laws and standard rules that all doctors must be force to obey. -Also I found out that genital exams can NOT be forced by LAW. Just search in a search engine key words like “Rutherford Institute” “Lambert” “exam”. Some girls wake up in the middle of the night shouting out loud “I said NO”, and the doctor said it was in the girls “best interest”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a just a sample: “The nurses conducted their exams over the protests of the children, with some crying for their mothers. Still others, intimidated and filled with fear, even attempted to resist physically. Their parents did not know that the exams were scheduled and had not given their consent. So there was no way they could have known the terror their children were enduring during their school day.

The nurses stretched the children out on a floor mat, on top of a school desk, and forcibly removed their clothes. Although the nurses were not even wearing hygienic gloves, they pressed and probed the children’s genitals and took blood samples. The exams were conducted en masse—the children endured these humiliations in front of one other, amidst the panic, crying and fear.

When confronted about the situation, the Head Start director responsible for the exams said that he didn’t think there was anything strange or unusual about the physicals....

. . .

Thirteen families have now filed a lawsuit against Head Start, the nurses involved, the county health department and the school district. The parents allege violations of their privacy, emotional and mental distress of their children and other constitutional claims.

And in Pennsylvania, several years back: The Washington Times (Genital Exams at School Irk Parents, A1 4/27/96) reports that 50 [actually 59] sixth-grade girls at a public school in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania were forced to undergo "genital examinations" in violation of the expressed will of the girls and without the notification of parents.

Katie Tucker, the mother of one of the girl's who was violated, tells the story: "[After being marched into the nurses office] they were told they needed to take off their clothes and just leave their underwear on. They were standing in line, perfectly embarrassed, and then they found out the doctor was doing genital exams.

"The girls were scared. They were crying and trying to run out of the door, but one of the nurses was blocking the door so they couldn't leave.

"My daughter told the other nurse that 'My mother wouldn't like this. I want to call her.' And they said 'No.' And my daughter said, 'I don't want this test done.' And the nurse said 'Too bad.'

"[The physician] put the girls in a room and had them lie down on a table, spread-eagled, with nothing covering them...." The inspection was supposedly for genital warts and lesions. Mrs. Tucker continues, "The girls had no idea what they were doing. The doctor didn't talk to them. She just did the genital exam and didn't say one word. All my daughter could do was stare up at the ceiling. And it hurt. It still hurts."

School officials in the Pennsylvania case refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing and were supported by other educators: The Pennsylvania branch of the National Education Association (NEA) supports the actions of Dr. Vahanvaty, the supervising school nurses, and the requirement of an in-school genital exam. Teachers wore blue ribbons to demonstrate their support of the exam. The district and state police agreed with Dr. Vahanvaty's statement that she acted within professional and state guidelines.

The East Stroudsburg School Board approved of the examination. A motion to give children the right to refuse examinations below the waist was defeated 8 to 1.

These educators were, however, clearly in the wrong: SCRANTON, PA -- U.S. District Judge A. Richard Caputo ruled on July 27 that the East Stroudsburg School District violated the Fourth Amendment rights of 59 6th grade girls who were given genital exams without parental consent in 1996. The exams occurred at the J.T. Lambert Middle School. The judge ruled that the exams constituted "unreasonable searches," and said he "could not identify a compelling government reason to examine the genitals."

Two days later, the jury returned a verdict against the district, awarding a total of $60,000 in damages, or $7,500 for each of the eight student plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The jury did not award damages to the parents. The physician who performed the exams reached an out-of-court settlement [reportedly for $25,000 per student] with the girls families. ”

-Obviously this kind of reaction is good, but only happened because they where girls involved, things like that happen to boys all the time and nothing happens, this is just one example of double standard in which boys/men are always treated worse than girls/women.

Posted by alohakeoni on 2009-03-14 00:29:45

At 49 yrs. old, I have never been able to undress for a physical exam...too embarassed/humiliated/degraded to do so. Phobia has been ruled out by psycologist and nobody can tell me what my problem might be. Am I alone in my wierd ways? Is there hope for me? Somebody, please tell me what may be my problem!

Posted by welshlady on 2011-11-09 21:16:14

Im a 14 year old girl and I had a medical examination in school the other day but it was nothing like that the doctor weighed me and measured my height then checked my eyes my ears my throat and glands in my neck then I had to take my top off and loosen my bra for him to examine my chest that was the only embarassing part

Posted by kirton on 2015-10-06 21:09:18

I am a man my 1st medical was at piramary school age 6 only had pants on had every thing exam only had to pull my pants forward for the doctor exam my $%!@ she pulled my foreskin back a girl came in and saw me in my pants.she was going to have her medical .my 2nd one was in piramary age 11 also in pants mum was at that one pulled my pants down .the doctor exam my $%!@ and balls and my anus. When I came of out the room I saw a girl in her knickners and she saw me in my pants her mum was with her .next one was at secondary school in my pants .the headmistress walked in and saw me in my pants. I had one at the doctors in the nude doctor was female. And had one for a job in the nude.can any girl that had a medical and pulled knickners forward what did the doctor exam. My wife when she was at piramary only had a towel round her then she had to drop it so the doctor exam down below.she as had one nude at the doctors

Posted by Disho1957 on 2019-11-24 13:38:05

Believe me, it is really hard for some people to have an annual physical exam as they feel embracement while a physician is conducting the physical observation of private parts. But if we understand that it is very compulsory for preemptive care and all the medical information is kept anonymous and confidential so I think no need to worry.