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Should I let my son skinny-dip at his friend's?

Son Skinny Dipping

Posted by StillYoung@Heart on 2010-02-19 03:49:58

No problem if it's just the guys. If the parents or females are there, I might reconsider.

Posted by wilddog2 on 2014-06-11 01:34:21

Our daughter swam in a swim suit with nude boys. We moved into a new neighborhood when she was 7. Our neighbors who had boys aged 5,7, & 9 invited us over for a barbeque. Our daughter wore a modest 2 piece swimsuit. One of their sons asked if they could go in the pool. Their mother said wait a minute and asked us if she should send them into the house to get their suits or let them swim in the buff as they usually do. Given that the kids were so young, we said we were OK with the boys skinny dipping. Our daughter, wearing her swimsuit, swam with them and had a great time. The boys nudity was not much of an issue for her. She acted a bit surprised when they dropped their shorts, but after a minute they were playing together as kids normally do, both in the pool and on the lawn. Our neighbors often had their cousins and other friends visit. Their boys always swam in the nude. Some of the children visiting swam nude and some in swimsuits. Visiting boys were more likely to swim nude. the only visiting girl I remember joining in the skinny dipping was their 7 year old cousin. Our daughter was present during most of these visits and saw quite a few naked boys. Our neighbor's oldest boy started getting a bit modest when he was about 11 1/2 (6th grade) and started wearing a suit when there were visiting girls. However, when there were no visitors he swam nude with his younger brothers. But when it was just his brothers and our daughter Kathy he continued to swim in the buff. When asked about this, he said Kathy had seen everything for so long it didn't matter. Over the next couple of years, Kathy got quite a education as he went through puberty with pubic hair appearing and the $%!@ getting bigger. When he started high school his mother made him start wearing swimsuits all the time in the pool. There was never anything sexual in his relationship with Kathy. It was more like a big brother little sister relationship that continued through high school and college.

Posted by jddog on 2014-06-21 05:07:10

Our experience was a little different. We have 3 kids. The oldest is a girl who is 5 years older than our twins, a boy and a girl. Our older girl always wore a swimsuit in the pool. Our twins took baths together as toddlers and liked to go in the pool in the buff from an early age. We insisted that they wear swimsuits when we had visitors, but they didn't like that rule. At age 8, the younger daughter got us to let a neighbor girl swim with them while they swam nude. The neighbor girl at first swam in a swimsuit but after a month got her parent's permission to swim in the buff as long as it was just with our kids in the pool. She had a boy cousin who was a year older visit for a couple of weeks each summer. He also joined in the skinny dipping group for 2 summers. When he was 11 (entering 6th grade) visiting he came over to swim wearing swimsuit. The girls teased him about being modest and told him they'd already seen his "thing" so what's the big deal. He kept his suit on and later that summer our son starting wearing a suit too. The girls banned him from the pool area after that when they were skinny dipping and sun bathing.The girls continuing skinny dipping and sun bathing in the buff through high school, but they did put on swimsuits for coed swimming.

Posted by catmando2 on 2014-06-24 02:48:05

Our neighbors and us both had only childs born about 2 months apart. Our Jeff and their Kate were playmates as toddlers. As both mothers worked parttime they took turns watching the children. Kate was a bit of a tomboy and both kids were usually dirty by late afternoon. Both mothers bathed the two together up until they were ready for prekindergarten. So Jeff and Kate were tub buddies and had great innocent fun. when they were 8, my wife agreed to give them both swim lessons in our new swimming pool. On the second day of the lessons, Jeff couldn't find his swimsuit in the laundry room. Our neighbor joked that he could go in in his underwear or skinny dip. My wife laughed and told him that was the choice. He surprised both of them by opting to go in in the buff. Kate just smiled and seemed ok with it. The lesson went on as normal. After the lesson my wife joked that she wouldn't have to wash and dry a wet swimsuit that night. After the lesson Kate asked her mother if she could swim naked the next day. After some musing the moms agreed that the lessons would be held in the nude. After about a month of lessons, the kids were free to use the pool. We allowed the two to continue to swim in the buff as long as it was just the two of them and our family's present. We also let Jeff swim in the buff with his buddies, but with no girls present. With coed groups swimsuits were mandatory. Jeff and Kate continued to swim together nude until they were about 10 1/2. Then Kate started wearing a suit. Jeff didn't cover up until he was 12 and started to grow some pubic hair. He and Kate would swim together, her in a two piece suit and Jeff with it all hanging out until then. Kate was so used to seeing all of Jeff, it wasn't a bit deal for her We never had any incidents with this arrangement except one time Jeff's Little League team was over for a swim party after a game and Kate was there, the only girl. A couple of the boys not realizing Kate was there stripped off and dove in naked. Kate saw everything but was cool with it although the two boys were embarrassed. She was 12 at the time and one of the boys was definitely into puberty.

Posted by catmando2 on 2014-06-24 03:08:57

Kate is now grown up. Her parents recently told us, they were concerned about being too libertine with Kate for a while after the skinny dipping started. But looking back on it, they think it gave her an opportunity to see a boy's body in a nonthreatening environment. Kate was very well adjusted and had minimal issues as a teen.