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men in curlers

I love curling my husband's hair or taking him to a salon!

Posted by a12e3@yahoo.com on 2007-01-03 22:23:44

Please tell me what you think.


Posted by maggied on 2007-03-19 21:28:11

One evening when I was a teen my mom caught me sitting at my sisters dressing table wearing one of her dresses putting on makeup. I told her I just wanted to see how I would look but I don't think she bought my story. She did offer to help me with my should lenght hair and showed me how to put it up in hot rollers and comb it out. After we finished I took everything back off except I left my hair the way it was for the entire weekend, though I never left home.

A couple of weeks later on a saturday morning mom woke me and took me and my sis with her to her salon where she had her hair done and my sister and I were given identical perms which I was told in no uncertain terms that she liked it and I was to leave in until it grew out.

Later in life I would go to my sisters who would help me set my hair. To me curlers feel so right.

Posted by SuzieQue on 2007-03-25 21:38:33

I too have often set my sons hair while growing up and later gave him permanents and today his wife still styles his hair regularly.

Posted by maggied on 2007-03-27 14:18:35

Personally I think it would be a much gentler and caring world if there were more moms out their who would start curling and perming their sons at from a young age. Boys and men would eventually loose their inhibitions about wearing curlers and we the lines between feminine and masculine behavior blurred we as a society could start to eliminate inequality of the sexes. Not to mention the benefit that obvious cosmetic value it would bring to society with men wouldn't feel awkward expressing outer beauty.

Posted by pennysue on 2007-03-28 14:12:35

My husband and sons all wear their hair long and styled like girls. I enjoy the feminization of my males and we are a very loving and close family. My boys just love being mitaken for girls and love the fem look.