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Cornertime for girls over 18

Corner time

Posted by Gemma87 on 2004-09-27 11:09:56

I am 18 and still get corner time frfom my mum and dad. It is mostly for backchatting mum when she tries to tell me how to dress or behave. Mum is still very strict with me. I swore at mum last week and had my mouth washed with soap, then a bare bottom spanking with mums wooden handled hairbrush over her knee followed by an hour in the corner with my shorts and panties round my knees. I have to keep my hands on my head during the corner time and am not allowed to go to the toilet. It was really embarrasing because one of my mums friends came to the house and mum let her and she saw me and talked to mum about my bright red bottom and how girls are never too old for a spanking and corner time. My little sister and her friends cam in and saw me also and made all sorts of comments- I felt so embarrased about it all. When dad came home I had to tell him about it and he made me wash my mouth out again before sending me to bed at 7.30 without any meal. I am grounded for 2 weeks and mum says on sat and sunday I will be put in the corner again for an hour to get the message home to me about my behaviour. I think it is very unfair that at 18 I am still being treated like a 10 yr old. Gemma

Posted by johndeere on 2004-11-29 21:06:00

My name is Liz, my step-dad spankes me and gives me cornertime.Its very embarressing and i'm 20.He spanks me for every little thing,bare butt,with,hand,paddle,leather belt.He sometimes also grounds me.

Posted by Alessandra1979 on 2005-07-02 15:35:38

Hi, my name is Alessandra, italian girl of 25. I live similar experiences with my mother. If at 18 it's terrible to be in corner time and punished like a girl of 10, at 25 it's worse! Bye Ale

Posted by PatP on 2006-04-24 20:43:10

I live in a remote part of Galway in Ireland, time has stood still here forever. Getting spanked and doing cornertime isn't really that unusual. Usually when you pass 18/19 you are considered "A bit old for it". If however you do something outrageous ... When I came back from College for Christmas I had just one drink too many, much to my parents disgust and when I finally appeared for breakfast next morning I was given an awful time. Like a fool I told my mother to "Get stuffed I'm not you're little baby anymore". She just put me over her knee spanked the behind off me and told me to "Stand in the corner until I tell you likewise" For a solid hour I stood whimpering in the coener as family and relatives all went by. The worst were the younger cousins who really rubbed it in. Never again Pat [this only 2004]

Posted by PatP on 2006-07-27 16:59:48

Well it's nice to know that I'm the only one. As a grown up who had never even been slapped in her life about six months ago I crashed the family car [nothing serious but costly enough to but right]. Like a 6 year old I lied and denighed all knowledge about it we lost the no clims bonus and still I kept my mouth shout. But after a druncan evening out with my friends I came home a bit the worst the ware with the drink and I let my sedret slip. Well my father exploded and slapped my face 3 or 4 times before my mother came in wanting to know what all the fus was about. When she heard to my total shock she threw mw over her knee and spanked me. When I stood up sniffling holding my bottom she just pointed to the corner where I stood for 15/20 minutes crying like a baby, my make up all over the place my little skirt that I had been wearing was around my waist my heals were one off one on I was a mess the only bit of dignity was the fact that she didn't lower my tights and thong. The crazy thing is that I knew I deserved it but the humilition standing the corner. I'll had to pay for the car insurance for 3 years..... ouch